Sunday, July 3, 2011

Team tourney TB was a success

Attracted 2 teams from GA, Team Bird - Joshua, Wei Yann and Michael, and Team NoLife - Zack, Andrew and TengSam. Along with 2 groups of Arco.

I was very late and everyone had to wait for me to start that day, but people are trading and playing, so they didn't mind I guess.

Match starts at 2. Format was 1 duel-swiss. No side decking and stuff.

My team, was me, SST and Fishtank. But someone name us team A ... just cause we were the 1st team to register.

I'll try to get some pictures from the organizers to upload.

Anyways, 3 rounds of swiss.

1st match vs Team Bird

SST(leader) vs Michael(supposed leader)
me vs Wei Yann (actual leader)
Fishtank vs Joshua

I played HERO, I start with Duality, fetching Allius. Setting 2 MST, a Spark and a Warning, summoning Allius and pass. Wei Yann plays Trunade. Ditch Eater for Quickdraw, sync for Junk. Plays Tuning for another Quickdraw, ditching Dandy and get Eater back, sync for Road. Specials Unknown from deck, Eater comes back for Formula. Road was now 6 (after Eater again), Junk was now 4. Sync 3 for Quaser. I have 1 card in my hand that he didn't know, so I tried to fake a Honest. He drops Sorcerer. GG.

In Quaser deck, Trunade win games.

OXO - SST and Fishtank both won.

1 - 0

2nd Match vs Team Rex

This was Bryan's team. Members are him, Crowser and another guy that I know but never knew his name.

I played the guy I knew but didn't, he was playing DW. He starts with a Dealings. ditching Broww for extra cards. Setting 3 and a monster facedown. I summon Airman, getting Ocean, set all but Ocean and Forest in my hand. Attack, but it was Beiige. He drew and played Destruction, getting both Goldd and Sillva out. Attack into my Mirror Force, he plays Gate and got Grapha out somehow. Ended with 2 cards in hand on his side. I play Trunade, he chains Judgment. With 1 card set on his field, I flip Miracle, going for Gaia with Ocean and Forest. Flip Reborn, get Airman back, break his last set (Mirror or Prison, I forgot). And attack for 4000 damage.

OOO - All of us won.

3rd match vs Team Nolife

I paired down with Andrew using Grave BF. I threw my dice and scores a 2. I told him, this is MY dice and his gonna threw a 1, and he did. I started with Poly and Warning set, Rai-Oh up front. He gets Armageddon out, ditch Zephyros, and tries to summon Zephyros back. I thought about it for a while, and Warning it (telegraphing Icarus). He sets 2. I have Rai-Oh and Heat attack and sets Mask Change. He summons Sirocco, flips Delta-Crow, I chain Mask Change to get myself Gokka (with 2300 attack), he attacks Rai-Oh. I drew and attacks his Sirocco. He summons Armageddon, ditch Vayu, and goes for Arms Wing, which kamikazed with Gokka. I summon Airman and got Allius out, killing his Armageddon Knight. He summons Sirroco and kills my Airman, playing Pot to get a Compulse. I have Allius and Miracle in hand, with no Ocean in grave, I can't summon Zero to trade off his Sirocco, and everything else is bad. I topped another Miracle, playing it to form Tornado, half his Sirocco, he plays Compulse. I summon Allius, he has no response. I played the last Miracle to get Shining and attack for the win.

XOO or OOX - one of us lost, but I'm not sure who.

We were excited as shit, cause it WAS 3 rounds of Swiss and those with the highest points win. Being the only 3 wins in the tournament, we were so sure the SDs are ours.

BUT, due to the fact that there was no side decking, the tourney ended in less than an hour. So the organizer decide to go for TOP 4 (with 8 teams ... right). The 3 of us instantly went EMO, as we know our wins with Team Bird and Nolife were super hard, and we broke our brains just trying to stay in.

Top 4 vs Team Bird

I paired up with Michael this time, and he plays Agent, easily my worst match up. Cause HERO doesn't really do much against them Agents.

I loss the dice and open Rai-Oh, Airman, Ocean, Heat, Allius and Mirror Force ... I play 12 monsters in my deck and I pulled 5? He starts with Venus, getting Gantetsu out, pumping his Venus to 2000. I drew Forest. I summon Airman, to get myself another Allius (just to thin my deck for spells). He pays 500 for his last Shine Ball, summons Earth, gets Venus, Sync for Armory Arm. Removes an Agent for Hyperion, destroy my backrow with it. Play Miracle Descend, and go for game.

Nothing I could do with that, although Rai-Oh may be some help going 1st. I look over to SST, telling him I loss. Looking at his field. He has Swap Frog and Creature Swap at hand, Ronin on field, and his opponent has Quaser out ...

XXO - Fishtank beat Joshua, but that doesn't really matter does it.

Fighting for 3rd place was even worst, the 3 of us obviously wasn't in the mood right now, and didn't play right. And our opponents started and open very big.

I paired with Zack, he open 2 United and have Shi-En out with 5 back rows. I have 2 Dualities, 2 E Call, Airman and Mirror Force ...

But that doesn't really matter as only the 1st place gets a prize, the others are all losers.

Team Bird lost to Team Rex, so Home 1, Away 0.

Later that day. Joshua or Zack or the organizers decided that since there are 6 teams and in each booster box, we get 6 foils. Each team should get 1 foil. Which is reasonable/ fair. So they sort out the foils.

But Team Rex, our Team, and 2 other teams got nothing. Team Bird got an Elec Chimera and a Draco-Equites.

So, the 6 packs that the organizers have have the SRs (which are obviously the main points of the pack). They open the 6 packs and there was a Pot of Duality. And some of the players gone all EMO, which was quite a show actually.

Overall, the tourney was good and attracted a good amount of good players, but the sudden change in rules and the no side decking stuff was frustrating.



LightGrunty said...

Congrats on getting first in Swiss, but it's too bad they changed the rules on you.

What made you decide to go with a HERO deck?

LGQ said...

its my main deck actually, just that its full of promos, that I can't play in official tournaments.

thanks anyways.