Monday, July 18, 2011

Rauzes's is quitting ... Again ...

Every volcanic eruption has its sign way before the main event, and his quitting is no different.

I've knew this for a few months now, since he doesn't really appear at locals at all, less than 10 times this whole year, and when he does, he doesn't really looked as energetic as he was last year.

Last year, me and Lam would have to take turns playing him at Wendy's till late night, with both of us exhausted and him wanting for more.

But the few times I played him this year were like 5 duels and he walks off, and such.

He doesn't go through binders like he used to as well.

All and all, I'm not surprised he quit, his gonna quit sooner or later.

Not to be rude or stuff. We are gonna miss him in YGO, but hey. YGO is just a part of life, and we can always meet for other stuff. For people not around here, this might be goodbye for one of the most important characters in YGO blogging.

I'm meeting him this Saturday one last time as duelist (after that, we'll just be meeting as friends). And I really want his last days of dueling be his best memories of this game. The game is but an entertainment, but the friends you get from the game, are the ones you should cherish, no amount of podium is worth that much.

Coming from someone who never top any big tourneys, is cheesy, I know, bare with me people.

Good bye my friend. And yeah, good job on the Soliel=G-ray=Rauzes thing. You don't know how hard it is for me to keep it to myself (and our dueling community). And over the 1.5 years of your 2nd blog's life span. I've always wanted to just say this out loud to the blogging community, but the impact won't be as big isn't it.

Thanks dude, once again for the community.


Btw, the reasons I've not blogging as much last week, is due to my laptop getting destroyed by water, and its now in the shops. My old PC is stupid, and typing is a chore. I'm not sure when my laptop is gonna come back, but I wont be posting much before that.

I'm not dead or losing the interest in the game in case your wondering. Rauzes' quitting isn't a trend or a disease, its not contagious. :)

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mike said...

same! hard to keep the diff identity thing a secrret!!! and i bet many thought he was still in jpn nt malaysia! anyways hav fun with him this saturday, and say goodbye to him for me :)