Friday, July 8, 2011

Banned List predictions!

Its still too early for this, I know, but we are gonna start posting about this sooner or later. By the end of the month maybe?

But its hard to nail anything at the moment.

I see a lot of cards I think its gonna get hit, but I can't think of any way to hit those cards right. Its gonna be no effect at all to the deck's brokeness, or straight out kills the deck. But knowing Konami, thats what they do best, hitting the problem too hard or not hard enough ... at all.

Hey, they hit BF with every list since its introduction, guess what, they are still here, and topping.

Some cards that I think will be hit by the list includes :

banned :

... sorry, I can't think of anything that really needs to go right now. Seriously, no one card is overly broken.

You might argue that Future Fusion is dangerous at the moment. I agree, but killing Future Fusion directly kills Disaster Dragons and all other REDMD decks. Jinzo decks got killed as well. And we are aiming at Escuridao's 1 card FTK, but thats just gonna make the deck, a none FTK, but weaker ... no ...

Besides, there are better ways to kill that FTK.

limited :

TG Librarian and Formula Syncrons are the cards that made Shooting Quaser a broken card. They will be hit by the banned list, no doubt there. But is limiting them the best solution Konami can provide.

We all know Formula will NOT be banned, just because Shooting Star Dragon is Yusei's ace card, and it needs Formula. And by itself, its good, but not broke. More than one thou, its a different story. No one plays more than 2 of these, except some dedicated deck list.

Librarian is a card that is super hard to judge. I would just throw this guy into the banned zone just because how overly powerful this card can be. You might argue that this card isn't really that powerful alone, but if you look at Asian Format, Junk Doppel is a deck that CAN top without this card. The point I;m making now may not have much sense in it, but I'm trying to say, this card is too dangerous even at one. The deck that host it is powerful even without its MVP, with it, its just broken.

But banning it is another issue. I'm not surprise if this card would get banned, but banning it also causes problems to other syncro decks thats not a Quaser deck. I really don't know where this card should be. Give him a yellow card? Or just kick him out of the field?

Another card that I think is gonna get limited (or at least semi-limited) is Double Edge Sword Technique (or what ever the name). Samurai's Gottom's E Call kills too much this format. Its the Icarus Attack of the deck, only much more deadly. If a Samurai player plays this against you, you will either be in a very bad position if not dead already. You CAN argue that with the amount of Warnings, Seven Tools and Trap Stun we play now, this card is hard to play, but being the card we will be forced to play our negation cards on, is already good enough proof that its broken.

Aside from these, I really can't think of anything I wanna hit this hard. Maybe Lonefire to 1? But thats not gonna affect Junk Doppel a lot but its gonna hurt other plant builds.

semi :

Vayu is a card that I think its gonna be semi'ed. Just because so many are playing Grave BF at the moment, and Konami always brainlessly hit something even if the deck isn't really broken anymore. The sheer amount of BF decks still topping will attract Konami to it, and the only member of the deck to even have a chance to be hit by the list are Vayu and Sirocco. But between the two, Vayu is the one more important (Grave BF).

While we never had this done before. I actually think SD bosses, Machina Fortress and Master Hyperion has a good chance of getting into this spot on the list. Just cause the decks they are being piloted are doing very well in the OCG.

Universally-wise, I wish Reborn Tengu getting semi-limited, that card is just pure bullshit. Its basically TCG's Jace the Mind Sculptor. It got release and took the format for itself (or themselves).

Cards that may or may not be limited :

Pot of Duality and Six Samurai United. Both are good cards that see plays in top lever events (in the current format, the latter see a lot more plays than the former). If nothing got hit, these will be good candidates.

For TCG players, I know you just got your Pots reprinted in SR, congrats, but I think they might hit this to 2 if they don't have more to hit (unlikely thou).

BUT, the one that will most DEFINITELY go to 2 is Dewloren.

He should have never came back out to 3 in the first place. This was the mistake Konami made. This card is basically just an OTK or FTK engine, nothing more to it. It has to be done.

And sending Dewloren back to 2, kills a lot of FTKs and preventing new FTKs (of this pattern) from coming out. But best of all, all the other cards in their respective FTK decks (Future Fusion specifically) won't have to be killed, and other decks won't have to suffer.

Card that I know won't be hit although many say they would :

Super Polymerization - This card will not be hit, this list, the next and so on. "With Escuridao, you can fuse EVERYTHING!!!" ... But is the deck winning more? Wait ... is it winning at all?

The only HERO variant still topping OCG events at (reported) tourneys is Debris HERO, and they don't even play Super Polymerization. So, guys. The card is good. But its not winning, its not topping, and its not getting hit. (Unless Konami just wanna boost Exceeds and decides to hurt Syncro and Fusion)

And killing the ONLY card that could take out Shooting Quaser EFFECTIVELY ... isn't a good move.

I can't think of more right now, should have kept a list with me. I blame the papers that fill my brain with ALL MAJOR roads in and out of the capital being closed for the week ends.

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