Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good bye Rauzes Duel Marathon!

Today was suppose to be Rauzes' last visit to GA ... for YGO anyway, he still plays Battle Spirit, so I suppose we are still gonna see him regularly.

Anyway, Rauzes is the one playing Kuriboh Monarch (with the EPIC Airman mat), while Karl Lim was playing DW with a hell load of proxies, so much that I don't really know what the hell is he doing.

The shaking of the camera is due to me and SST trying to maintain a good angle to the duel, but reach our human limits, thus passing my phone to each other every few minutes. Mind the trash talk. This wasn't the best duel videos ever.

I also have another video with Rauzes, but its on my friend's phone. Worst time for a feature match ever, I played him in HERO mirror for a match, which was epic, and he said 1 last game, and I decide to film it. But I end up pulling crap, making the only HERO mirror vid from GA ... a pretty one sided match. :(


Other things that caught my attention were :

Not the Burei and Bureido, who cares, look at the other side of the field, and the guy with the epic win/fail deck won.

This is a different guy from the picture above, there are actually 4 guys playing decks that mained that Heart of the Underdog card

Vorse Raider + Mage Power + 5 S/T after Trunade = WIN. "Screw you Laquari, I'm bigger!"


Ryko and HEROs with a hell load of S/T, yeah, something only Rauzes will do. Airman mat is sexy thou ... no homo.

EPIC fail of the day : Me not taking my 3 Illuminator from Cookie, cause I misheard him, somehow ...

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