Friday, July 22, 2011

Team tourney stuff

The title was a lie. I ain't gonna talk about it.

Didn't have much updates because I have not bought a single pack pf Shockwave and thus have nothing new to show and tell. But I did manage to get a deal with Cookie for 3 Illuminators cheap, thanks dude.

In case your wondering why I need those cards, its because I'm trying to make a Skill Drain Ultimate Offering Galaxy Eyes Barboros Beatdown-and-sorta-stun Gadget deck.

WTF? I know.

No list yet, as I don't have Galaxy Eyes, but I WILL post them when I get them. The basic concept of the deck is to play like Offering Gadgets, get your Illuminators out, draw like your mad, summon Galaxy Eyes and attacks Tyrus and laugh at him. Magical Planter and Advance Draw helps :)

What about if I draw into Gadgets and forced to play Skill Drain fast ... I haven't really put my thoughts into that ... I'm sorry.

Speaking of Galazy Eyes, I know tribute 2 and summon a very big dragon in 1 turn isn't really powerful anymore, but is it really that bad a card? its cool, I KNOW that.

Trying to play it in my Red Eyes deck ... once I start building it ... once I get my 3rd Darkness Metal, which I plan to get as soon as I get my second copy ... come to think of it, its about time I get my 1st copy of it ... Oops.

But playing Galaxy Eyes in that deck, is just pure fun, since it CAN be normal summon like the boss cards from SD. And it can get rid of floaters.

Played Evoldo-Dar-Kaiser deck last weekend. I find it ... normal ... at best. I think you need DT cards to make that deck worth running ... I think. Since there is no update on that deck on any blog what so ever. Come to think of it, why hasn't anyone build a Mainspring deck. I myself, too lazy for that.

New ninja cards from Zexal, nice. I KNEW Silver Ninja wasn't just for show. Now we are getting an entire subarchtype, nice. A monster Exceed? Even better. A dude that carries a Katana around and starts chopping wood in a freakin dojo on top of a mountain in the middle of no where? Can't get better than this.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon's latest anime appearance (finally), is awesome. We haven't seen him AND Blue Eyes (outside of card and Sin form) for a while now, 6 and a half years to be exact. Neos and Flamewingman being Legendary monsters, along with other GX era monsters like CyDra and StealthUnion (meh) ... is Konami's way of neglecting Syncro. Really, I was surprise to see Neos but no Stardust.


Anonymous said...

So no updates on your Hero? Wish to see what's your current build. :/

LGQ said...

there is almost no changes to my HERO decklist in the past few months, I try to tech something and change the deck a little every few days, but always end up with the same build after a few times.

My side deck is completely different thou, if U wanna see THAT, then leave a comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm interested to see how different it is.