Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No10 White Knight Illuminator

This is one of the cards that make me wanna get this set, although I don't see anything else worth ... aside from Galaxy-Eyes, cause its cool.

Illuminator will be big in Offering Gadgets, no doubt there, its what Hope hopes to be, but will never be. Apart of being slightly smaller than Hope, the only opposing monsters that makes this difference worth mentioning are Monarchs, but they will blow your Ultimate Offering anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

Definitely a card worth getting a playset of.

Ultimate Offering, a Gadget and 4000 life will get you a field of 3 Illuminator, 1 Hope/Roach and 3 extra cards in hand. Playing them with cards like Pot of Duality and Grandmole (in Gadget Stun you usually have them), and we already have a killer.

All and all, Offering is gonna be more and more played thanks to the Gadget's searching and these broken ass Monster Exceeds.

The other card that I want to have a few copies of from this set will be Evolkaiser Ragia. The broken assed Dragon that needs Dinosaurs as Exceed materials.

While people will try to build the Evoldo and Evoldar deck from this set, I don't really feel like it. This is not to say the deck isn't good. I don't know, cause I'm really not one that is good at judging new archtypes. But its safe to say that I'm not interested in them.

And the deck I'm gonna play this card in is, Gadget Stun. What?

Usually in Gadget stun, I play King Tiger, Grandmole, Gale, Banisher AND Hydrogeddon. You may not agree, but I love Hydrogeddon with Burden of the Mighty.

Banisher, Mole and Gale also lets me gain access to rank 3's, so I guess Gadget Stun would become more powerful with more generic Exceeds coming into the picture. I might even main a playset of Snowman Eater just to play Blackray Lancer, cause its cool.

So, my Photon Shockwave to get list would be :

3 No 10 Illuminator
2 Evolkaiser Ragia
3 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

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Anonymous said...

Rescue Rabbit + Sabersaurus/Kabazauls/Crawling Dragon 2 = Ragia. Add in Hydrogeddons and Jurrac Guaibas to spam more level 4s and you should have a pretty good deck. Not to mention running Guiaba with the Jurrac tuners gives you easy access to Catastor, Brionac, Orient Dragon (pretty good card) and Black Rose. Trish is pretty easy to pull out too. All in all? I think Dinos have a pretty good shot of being Tier 1.