Monday, July 4, 2011

Chaos Fusion HERO

Its been a while since I last post a HERO deck up here, mainly cause its been national seasons and I've not been making any non-official decks. But National season 2011 has come to an end, although there are still tag duel Asian championship and Malaysian finals at the end of the year, its over for most of everyone.

So, welcome back promos!!

I've been building this deck since last weekend, after I got home from the tag duel tourney, its still under constructions, but lets see what you guys have to say.

Its a deck that I say, take Fusion to a whole new level ... of fun. Not competitiveness, as there are tons of dead draws in the deck, although I can work it out somehow. Definitely not a deck you wanna bring to high level events.

Monsters (20):

2 E HERO Neos
2 E HERO Prisma
1 E HERO Heat
1 E HERO Airman
1 E HERO Voltech
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Cyber Valley
2 Jinzo
2 Jinzo Returner
2 Snowman Eater
2 Rainbow Dark Dragon
1 Chaos Sorcerer

Spell (16):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Fusion Gate
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Overload Fusion
1 Future Fusion
2 Parallel World Fusion
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

Trap (4):

2 Chain Material
2 Paradox Fusion

extra (15):

3 Blaze Fenix
1 E HERO Absolute Zero
2 E HERO The Shining
2 E HERO Escuridao
1 E HERO Great Tornado
1 E HERO Nova Master
2 Rainbow Neos
1 Chimeratech Over Dragon
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
1 Empty Sea Space Serpent Lavaiel

Building this deck lets me hate the 15 card extra even more, and I've already hated it for 3 years now.

I've nothing more to say, but this deck is not completed. But my internship boss is an asshole, and wants me to stay back for an extra hour after work to help a senior manager with the project for 2 weeks. It'll take some time, as while I do have time to make decks at night (as I don't have to read any thing for school), but I can't think right. :P

Thats it for now, but expect me to bring this half ass deck to Toysbar this weekend for some testing. And I hope I can have a tourney report to review to you guys as well.

Note that Toysbar is the place I go to relax and play some casual games where Gamers Arena is the shop I go for serious tourneys only. Heck, its been months or maybe years now since I played at GA outside of tourneys. I usually just walk around(after I scrub) looking for trades and stuff, then go home.

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