Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photon Shockwave is GOOD

My laptop was forced ti be sent for repairs due to some stupid circumstances at my office this Monday, so I apologize for the very lack of post this week. I blame my employee's not responding to my complains on the air-conditioning, leaking and such.

GENF was , aside from a few cards (namely the monster exceeds), a bad set.

The new set, PHOTON SHOCKWAVE however, was far from being bad. Actually, its the best set, in my opinion, from the whole series 7 so far.

Some of the cards that i think being real good are, not going into the new archtypes, as I'm not sure what they can do as a whole:

1. Elec King Cobra

A 1000 attacker that could direct attack your opponent, and to tops things off, you get to search your deck for an Elec monster and add it to your hand if this card successfully direct attacks. With the amount of seacrhers Elec have, the deck really has a chance of being tier 1.5~2. Tier 1 is out of the question of cause, but who knows. All and all, this is one good inclusion to the archtype and good to see a syncro based archtype being supported now.

2. Silver Ninja

The ninjas have always been a cool, fun but bad deck. This card makes the deck a little more playable, although I still don't see them good. But taking the deck aside, and the fact that you need to be flipped to play its effect, its actually a good card, espeacially if you could tribute a ninja that you used the flip effect, and if your opponent attacks into him (which cause him to be flip), you get to set as many ninja from your grave or hand as you please. Pretty nice stuff we got here.

May build a ninja deck if i got the extra cash.

3. Tribe - Electrocuting Virus

Infecting Virus's less broken counterpart. SO they finally release something to really fit the role Infecting Virus had, good job. BUT aside from Mirror Matches, I don't see this card really gonna anything ... but that the point.

This is a build in anti-mirror-match weapon. Mainly for decks that play a single type of monsters, ie, Samurai, BF and even HERO. All and all, a card you NEED to get a playset of, just in case.

4. Big Vanity Silhouette

Rush Recklessly just suddenly become useless, like how Trap Hole did when BTH came in. Its just bigger, simple and nice. Although I don't know what deck currently needs the 1000 boost, a card like this is good to have.

5. Extra-Gate

Now we have a really big card. This is really big, I mean, really really BIG! ... no ... its not. Unless the rulling states that you choose what card to remove, which it doesn't. This card would be not useful ... against the wrong deck.

Targeting syncros, so they won't wreck your day? maybe, but aside from naming level 12, getting rid of Quaser, its not helping. So what deck really benefits from this card? Machine decks, namely getting rid of Fortress Dragon (against an opponent that doesn't syncro).

Its good against dragons, naming 12, getting rid of FGD (which is played at 1) so Future Fusion is useless. But thats all I can think of.

Unless the rulling says that you choose the cards remove, then this would be really big.

6. TriWight-Zone

A NR from the set. This is one TERRIFYING card. Choosing 3 level 2 or lower vanillas from your grave and special summoning them might not seems scary, but in the right decks, this itself is a winner. And from its name, Wight (or skull servant in TCG) decks will be one of these decks.

But thats not all, far from it. As we do have Rescue Rabbit (from the same set ). Suddently, this card just became sorta scary isn't it? White Elephant's Gift? OJAMAs? See where am I going folks? But I'm no expert in these decks, so I dare not say this would be game breaking, but good? YES, easily.

7. Temporary Truce

This is a winner. This is THE best card from the set, and being a common, even better. Well, not really the best card, but from a Final Countdown and Exodia player, this is a godsend!

The text is simple. Each player draws 1, and till my opponent's end phase, we both take no damage.

Exodia players are gonna love this card. Its another draw card to our arsenal, and as a bonus, we won't get kill next turn if we don't do Exodia.

When Konami said they hate FTKs, Exodia is obviously one they don't include in the hate list. To Final Countdown, this is just a card that lets you draw for free and not waste a card next turn. Drawing into 3 just makes you a god, its a free +1 for the deck.

8. Holy Armor - Mirror Mail

LOL on the Miror Force pun, but this is an interesting card indeed. While playing this blindly makes it a -1. Playing it right, and we have a great card for fun decks.

9. Ruler's Penetrating Gaze

MVP of the set, easily, for quite a few decks. With a level 7 or higher Normal monster on the field. Its a Solemn Judgment, no shit, its not a part of Judgment, it IS Judgment. Decks that can play this card easily ... I can't think of thou ... Maybe Dragons with Blue Eyes, Duals (as the picture suggest) ... thats it. But with these many new Normal monster support, its not hard to imagine a new deck rising from this set. Thunder-End Dragon and his friends, say Hi.

10. Radiance of Darkness

Interesting card. As Mike suggested, GK and DW are good decks to play this. His right, but his missed 1 thing, BF. This card, for BF is a great card for the plant match ups (going 1st turn of cause). It has power and is easily played.

BUT, I personally don't think much of this card. Its dead if you don't set it 1st turn, drawing it after the initial summon is useless. But I'm not one thats good at judging cards, so I don't further provide comments.

11. Tyrant's Desperation

As all the tyrant cards before it, its good, but not many will play it. Its effect is devastating, both players cant normal or speical summon, making Flip Summon the only way to attack. But its activation requires 2 normal monsters ... troublesome? We have Rabbit.

Rescue rabbit solves us of this problem. And not to mention the other rabbits from this set. Flip monster decks suddenly become worthy again. Guess its time to MAIN them Noblemans.

While there are other very good cards from the set, they're not really my cup of tea. :)

These are just the cards that I will be aiming for, together with the ones I mentioned before. Tell me what you think, and what cards you guys think is good, and I missed.


Anonymous said...

Extra gate: Declare 1? (opponent probably won't have a lvl 1 in extra deck) Then, discard a card from hand. Discarding a card of your choice in a DW deck. Fun.

mike said...

ya forgot BF xD shining darkness is okay la. kudos to pointing out its only useful in early or late game... its an oppression for our dws, so im not complaining