Monday, January 2, 2012


Its a few days (or maybe a week) before GS04 reaches Malaysian shores, but we all know what cards are coming out anyway.

The set is easily one of THE BEST troll packs Konami has ever released.

Troll targets :

1. The "casual" OCG players.

Theres 2 groups of people in the game, one who would pay a good amount of cash for powerful cards, which are known by the other party as "netdeckers" and the other who would spend less than rm20 or less only on a single copy of something, self proclaimed "casual" players.

Well, when Pot of Duality was announced. Most of us competitive players are already aware of this, since TCG did get PoD reprinted a few months back, and it being a widely played 2 year old card, its reprint is inevitable. Those that are greatly sadden by this news was those who stock piled a few dozen of copies. For us who already had a playset, this wasn't a big deal, since the card payed for itself.

The "casual" players however, spammed the FB pages and all around locals about how "netdeckers" are idiots, paying 150 for a single copy of card thats gonna turn into a rm1 joke.

Konami trolled them back, by making Pot of Duality a NR. When news was spread on New Years Eve, me and a good amount of others laugh like we're mad mans. Not so much that our Pots won't drop in prices, but mostly on the fact that the bitches got trolled HARD. On the other side of the fence, people are now bitching that Konami is milking them for their cash and shit.

Whatever the cause, kudos for Konami for the perfect troll.

2. The TCG players who regularly compare card prices with OCG

When Zenmaines was announced a month ago, I read a few TCG players saying how unfair it is for us to get   it just a few months afetr its initial release in the TCG, Photon Shockwave is STILL the newest set in TCG for those who doesn't follow TCG. Zenmaines was a TCG Secret Rare, fetching up to 60 USD (the last time I checked). Naturally, its gonna be the other NR since everyone wants a copy or 2.

Nope, Konami says "Common, we troll them bitches, and we gonna troll them hard"

And Zenmaines ended up being the Catastor of GS04, and I've seen people bitching about it. But, my point is, how does the rarity of card in OCG affect someone on the TCG side? Its not like they can use it or anything?

Not much of a troll I guess, but I think this is Konami's answer to the question "Is Konami predictable with reprints?"

No, they're not. They work like madmen, and thats a compliment!

Secret Wish List that was not granted.

1. Solemn Warning - I seriously want a foil copy of the card.
2. Chain Disappearance - the card is just way too pricey over here.
3. Snowman Eater - refer to Warning

But, in return, we get,

1. Starlight Road - I was gonna get the UR one sooner or later, but a GR isn't that bad, especially considering how much the price differs
2. Dimension Prison - The same reason as Road
3. Lava Golem - I always wanted a playset of these, but I can never find them, cause people usually only pack the most wanted cards in their binder and always give me this answer "oh! I left it at home ... sorry, maybe next time ..."

This is a good set, better then GS02 and GS03 already, but I don't see it beating GS01 in sales any time soon.

Preordered mine, still thinking whether I should get a second box. AND, the price of GS04 is a lot lower compare to the previous GS's. Well, the retail prices for packs and decks are dropping. Thats good news.

Not getting a NR was the main problem with Gold Series, getting the wrong one hurts just as much. This one however, I don't care if I don't get a NR, since I don't need it anyway. Just make sure I get a playset of foils for the staples!

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mike said...

April Fools Day from Konami came way too early :)