Saturday, January 21, 2012


For some of us, this had been the Dragon Archtype we had been waiting for years. Finally, a Dragon deck that does not need to feature FGD or Dragon Ravine. And finally, an archtype that Red-Eyes can be the support instead of the boss
I've tried building this deck and had a few games (unfortunately, no META decks) on DN, and its really fun. The card effects that doesn't makes sense actually turn out to be very good.

Lets see, what does this deck have :

1. Its own Dark Armed, well, sorta, a 2800 that blows things up by removing a Dragon from grave and special summons itself (AND searchable). Too bad you have to banish 3 Dragon type normal monsters for it, which is a really heavy cost since this deck basically runs around the normal monsters, nevertheless, a great card and a great game ender.

2. Its own E Emergency Call. Theres no level limit on it so you can search your deck for any missing pieces for the OTK and play it. This is the card that made me think the Hieroglyph archtype may be more than just a fun deck, any deck with their own RoTA at 3 means business, I don't see it topping Inzektors anytime soon with only these cards in the pool, but already the deck has a fine structure build in.

3. They have their own, Cyber Dragon and Ancient Rules. Which adds up to their combos.

4. 2 extremely powerful boss monster exceeds. Along with the fact that the deck can run an impressive array of monster exceeds ranging from rank 4 to 8. (except for 7)

5. They get to special summon a normal monster from your deck, grave or hand!! when they are released (tributed). Sounds hard? Not at all, since most of the higher level Hieroglyph dragons can be special summon from hand by releasing one from the field, and you get 2 monsters out instead of 1, and a potential xyz summon. And there's plenty of cards that release your monsters, ie Enemy Controller and Burst Breath.

Hieroglyph Dragon King - Atumus

2 Level 6 Dragon-Type monsters

Once per turn; you can detach 1 xyz material from this card; special summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your deck, but its ATK and DEF becomes 0. This card cannot declare an attack the turn you activated this effect.

So, you special summon a dragon but now your 2400 beater can't attack AND that dragon obviously can't beat anything. Bad? Far from it!

The card you wanna get out is none other than Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. And you see more pluses  coming in already since its effects aren't negated.

The most interesting part of this archtype is :

You can tribute the Hieroglyph Dragon in hand, yes, like ritual summoning, you CAN tribute those in hand for some of their effects. Meaning potentially you discarded something to blow something and get a normal monster out which could easily be use as an XYZ material.

I might have a Level 5 normal Dragon in here just so I can get to level 5 monster exceeds easier, but that depends on further deck testing. Overall, this deck is good and is really fun to play with.


Anonymous said...

"I might have a Level 5 normal Dragon in here just so I can get to level 5 monster exceeds easier"

LV5/Dragon/Normal? Parrot Dragon for <3

GQ said...

I was thinking Curse of Dragon but I guess that works too

Anonymous said...

need doragorado?

JDAManson said...

This deck has tremendous potential and I think Konami might have struck gold twice with yet another archetype that's very very playable from release like Inzektors. I think someone just needs to find out exactly how to play this since there are so many ways to go about it. I like the builds focusing on Nephthys and Shu and normal Dragons matching their levels (Curse of Dragon and Luster Dragon #2) and Xyzing with them. But that's missing out on how good I think Ennead is. Another build I want to look out for is one based on Blue-Eyes and White Stone of Legend but I think that build doesn't have the flexibility the other does.

Seyshiro said...

One noob question, if I tribute for a tribute summon (advance summon whatever) still activate the effect?

In a build in my mind I think to use some Photon Streak Bouncer and Creature Swap, I guess that give a vanilla 0 atk monster to your opponent gives you a direct attack.

JDAManson said...

Yes, tributing a Hieroglyphic Dragon for a tribute summon will trigger their effect-- they don't miss timing because their effect is mandatory, like Sangan.

Anonymous said...

The deck has potential because it fits all the requirements for a tier 1 deck. Furthermore, it's been awhile since konami has print support for dragon deck. As for the deck, I feel we need to put a level 5, 6 and 7 dragon normal monster but only 1 will do because the deck's eff allows them to retrieve the dragon from the grave, deck and hand so it's very convinient so 1 copy of each level will do. The deck requires a hand, i have tried the deck a few times and the deck tends to vanquish your whole hand very fast. I don't know is it it's flaw or what but that is what I see from the deck ^^

Anonymous said...

Wiki changed the cards again. You can only special a normal 0/0 dragon from hand, deck, or grave. IT HAS TO HAVE 0/0.... No more rank 5 and 6 spam.