Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hieroglyph Dragon's Effect


Rest assured, the above text is the one featured on nearly every Hieroglyph Dragon and it clearly states that you could special summon ANY dragon Normal monster and have its ATK and DEF change to 0.

Yugioh Wiki have been wrong before and for those who have been worried by this, there is nothing to worry about.

Unless the wording would be change, you CAN special summon your Blue-Eyes or Luster Dragon.

My latest and by-far, most consistent build. Still needs fine tuning thou.


Yuginshin said...

Been trying to inform people of that for the past few days. Thanks for proving the smart people correct. Wikia can and will be edited by anyone who feels they are correct. Never use it as an official source for anything unless you are using it to link to their Sources.

JDAManson said...

This build definitely looks pretty solid but I think more Normal Monster options are needed instead of 3 Hieroglyphic Seal of the Dragon Gods. I like the suggestion of Luster Dragon in the previous post (I used Alexandrite Dragon in one of my builds to work with Geb). I think the big thing holding the deck down is Geb's requirement for bringing out the Dragon God Seal when he's tributed instead of any vanilla. And obviously hand size issues. I keep saying it but I feel like there's got to be a trick to this deck that can really make it do well, it has so many things going for it despite the issue of having to use vanillas, but Rabbit has shown that even with that a deck can still be good, and these guys are way more efficient with them than Rabbit since they can summon them from anywhere.

Anonymous said...

where the hell Monster Gate, Reasoning, Super Rejuv?

GQ said...

don't like them.

platipusbiru said...

well, i clearly cant understand japanese language. but i think, the present lore of hieroglyph dragons in wikia is quite fair enough. well, if the translation -as you claimed- is true, then there is no way people will put a "Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon into" into their deck as in fact, the seal itself is the key of hieroglyph playstyle. instead, they will put blue eyes or else to cover up the stat issue. however, with the Seal itself, i think hieroglyph is more than enough to pull massive field advantage by their own, especially if Thunder End Dragon successfully activate-out its effect.
then as i saw to your build, i think i'll recommend you to remove some pot of duality and put Super Rejuvenation instead. well, you had enough searcher in your deck as Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering can be played multiple times, and the other dragon aside Seal is very good at thinning your deck.
other recommendation is you better put counter that negate effect instead to negate summon. because you, yourself, pull a huge combo to maintain your own advantage, and you will unlikely want to be bothered by opponents spell or traps. however put in some spirit reaper, gorz, tragoedia or battle fader to defend yourself. its not like you would play some totem dragon or solidarity, isnt it?