Wednesday, January 11, 2012

March Banned list

Its about 1 month from the reviewing of the banned list. And I want a head start from the others. If someone else has already posted their list, please link me to them in the comments since that means I had not subscribe to their blog yet.

First, let us look at the problems.

Without much difficulty, we can say that Inzektors are a major pain in the ass. The deck is way to autopilot for the format, and sometimes, way too powerful. (Not as powerful as TeleDAD in its prime, but still ... )

Next, we see Agents. These guys had claimed all but the last month of 2011 as their own. If there weren't Inzektors in ORCS, Agents will still be THE top deck. Hitting Inzektors and not hitting them will not be fair at all.

Sadly(or maybe gladly), I see no other deck being a major problem in the competitive scene. Other random 1.5s like Darkworld, Laggia and Dandy generally don't deserve to get hit, but to stop anyone from bitching ...

Banned :


Limited :

Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
Inzektor Hornet
Wind-Up Zenmighty or Wind-Up Rat
Rescue Rabbit (if this is hit, it'll most probably just be semi, but I would like to see it here)
Magician of Faith
Royal Oppression

reasonings :

For Gachi, its pretty obvious. The reason why Agents have been successful wasn't Hyperion (alone) but with the help of this rank 2 wall. Venus gain free pluses (almost free), Shine Balls aren't as dead as they were initially thought, and Earth made sure you have 6 copies of Venus in your deck, BUT without Gachi, these knowledge and resources aren't gonna top anything. Of cause, we can't banned Gachi, its not broken. But making multiple Gachi without costing any hand is way too much pluses. Most of the time, you don't mind a Gachi, its the fact that your opponent could make another 1 that bothers you. Gachi at 1 makes sure your opponent plays it right, his 3rd Shine Ball isn't as live anymore and you can concentrate on Hyperion. Problem solved.

Hornet is the center of the Inzektor Engine. Of cause, being a new archtype, we can't just kill it. But Konami should try to move the archtype away from free pluses, or at least thats how I feel. Hornet at 1 means you still can do the loop, since you only need 1 Hornet for it anyway. But this decreases the consistency AND makes DD Crow much more deadly. But Inzektors make Leviair easily. This shouldn't be a problem, and will not kill the deck. Like how the previous Banned List did on Samurai (limiting Gateway), it slows them down to a healthy speed and consistency, but still keeping it at top tier level.

Zenmighty's loop is just stupid, we all know that. While people say that a pure Zenmighty deck dies if the loop is somehow stop, thats not a very good reason in my books. The combo is way too easy to do and it leaves your opponent with nothing to fend itself. Zenmighty and Rat are both the culprits for this deadly loop, but hitting one of them would render the other useless (in this loop). Hitting which one would be anyone's guess, since both of them are healthy cards on their own (like how Dewloren and Symbol are).

Rescue Rabbit proves auto plus ones are broken, even with restrictions on it. While not being THE top deck in OCG, it still is one of the threats you need to side for. The deck is broken with Tourguide, YCS coverage proves that (not sure how it would do if Inzektors get thrown in the mix). While I do agree putting Rabbit at 1 will kill the deck, since unlike Cat, its targets are useless unless being brought out together. BUT, with Tourguide and Gold Sarc, I'm not entirely sure.

Faith can be brought back ages ago. While we do have 3 powerful spells (Reborn, Heavy and Mind Control, not Dark Hole) in the game, it still needs to set itself. Its effect is still powerful but that doesn't change the fact that its slow. It can be a power house in Chaos, and that may cause problems, BUT personally, I don't think so, and I wish for it to come back, it's been banned for way too long, BLS was way better and it got out.

Royal Oppression HAS to come back. The card is too important for non-spam decks all together. I don't think I need to say more for this card.

There may be others, but to me, these are the only ones worth changing. Of cause, we all know Tourguide of the Underworld deserves to get herself limited but we all know thats not happening anytime soon, same as Tengu getting semi-limited.

Semi-limited :

Master Hyperion
Agent of Mystery Earth
Grapha, Dragon God of the Dark World
Mystic Space Typhoon

Hyperion and Earth made Agent deck way too consistent. Putting them at 2 will not kill the deck, but this will drastically lowers its consistency. Together with Gachi at 1. This will force Agent players to either play a different strategy, find ways to work with the consistency issue or just drop the deck all together (although these changes will NOT kill the deck, but definitely not on tier 1 status). Maybe this will force them to run Krystia again, and take the deck to a more control approach. Hyperion is just too good a boss, even if his not generic.

While DW isn't doing much, it did top a few events and Grapha is a little too overpowered. The deck face consistency issues, that I agree. But with the right hands, or should I say, with Grapha in hand, this deck is even deadlier than Agents. Hitting Grapha would be the best choice since this would force DW players (or whats left of them) to play the other DW monsters, and not just rely on Grapha itself.

*Grapha : I shall not be hit by the semi-limited list, as my soldiers of the Dark realm aren't doing as much as they should be. Therefore ... bla bla bla ...

Me : Will some one please shut this overgrown purple dinosaur up ... *

MST at 3 basically made any deck that plays field spell and continuous S/T worthless. And it serve as a spam deck's best buddy against control deck players. While being a one for one, this card isn't as healthy as it seems at 3. Its should be at 1 in my opinion, but I say 2 would be fine.


No longer on list :

Emergency Teleport

We want this back, NO, we NEED this back. Mind Master is long gone, this is not TeleDAD format anymore. Emergency Teleport is no longer the broken lightning speed combo piece it used to be. BUT its the one thing Psychic decks need to be playable again. So, it needs to come back in my opinion, or Psychic will remain dead (or maybe thats what Konami wants).


These are the cards that are currently on my mind. Maybe I'm hitting Agents too much and maybe not hitting Inzektors hard enough. But I feel this would balance out this deck enough for it too be still competitive, but not autopilot and broken.

I didn't hit any Karakuri cards because I feel like they're not winning big events enough and I can't think of anyway to make the deck slower but not kill the deck entirely.

Of cause, I don't think we'll ever see a banned list update with less than 10 cards on it, but I can't think of anything else at the moment. Some haters may add Inzektor Damsel//Dragonfly somewhere up there and definately BLS, but I think that will kill the decks in question entirely, but who knows.


Anonymous said...

if agents are to be hit, venus will be the target. bringing her to one will slow down the deck, but will still allow the deck to do its plays. hitting her will also eventually drop the number of earth played in the deck, as the other agent thats worth playing is venus, but wait. she's down to one. this could also drop hyperion as it will be much harder to summon now that i have only four agents left compare to having six. either that, or they can run the field card and have earth search hyperion. though the deck is not really an issue, just banish all the agents and you will do fine. dark world...there's really nothing to hit in that deck as it has not won a YCS. a simple side deck of cards that removes (banisher of the radiance, macro, d-fissure) and the deck loses. first turn naturia beast can also be an alternative. no spells means no discard, besides raven. they should just ban every staple card from every deck (dark hole, heavy storm, sangan, reborn, bls, brionac, stuff like that) and bring in another line of staple cards. pot of greed can be one of them, as any deck can use it, so i cant see it in any ways broken. plus, it's nice the have a chance at having 7 cards in your hand turn one. premature burial is also nice, but only if brionac gets banned. a third call would be nice also. other decks can abuse premature, but they will have to run certain cards to do so. thus, creating originality, i hope. plant deck is an issue on the tcg format, so if anything, one of the four plants will have to go (lonefire, dandylion, spore, bulb). if that's the case, dandylion will probably be the one. there's more to say, but i cant remember them right now.

Anonymous said...

I agree though, Venus is the only card in Agents worth limiting to slow-down the deck. So what if you still have 3 Earths and 3 Hyperion? Venus at 1 makes Earth plays very necessary and Hyperion now has 4 monsters to banish. And also, once you remove the only Venus in the deck, there will be 3 dead cards left in the deck.

Anonymous said...

this list is bullshit... you just want to banish every competitive deck and make you psychic noob deck get playable... all your arguments are base in how you see the game after losing for new cards from balanced structure decks like fairy and DW... none of your arguments has any referents about the meta...

gantetsu is powerful? mother of god! put a compulsory in your deck!

1 hornet per deck?!?! are u mad? inzekter is just one deck more, it is competitive, not broken, it's not a tier 0 as teledad was.

rescue rabbit? the best play with this card e making a monster the negates 1 card once and nevermore... it's very good, but 1 free laggia doesn't win a game alone, a balanced deck wins!

magician of faith? ok, now you wanna be a comedian! konami doesn't allow us to use trunade and heavy at the same time animore more, imagine allowing us to use a generic stample that recicles any spell?

royal oppression! You really don't saw the newest collections... they yet released royal prison! oppression will never come back...

this is the noobiest blog i ever saw!

Marodin said...

Ok, ignoring that comment above and the one about banning all current staples and unbanning pot of greed...

This list looks quite decent! Although I think Earth alone isn't the problem. Venus is the main problem in the deck.

And I think hornet wouldn't be the problem. Sure it's a 1 for 1, but it's only a +1 when used with centipede or damsel. Hitting damsel instead seems a better idea as this would force inzecter players to be more careful with their damsel. If they restricted hornet they'd just use that new 2* inzecter in galactic overlord which in turn would allow inzecters to just use Rank 5 like tyrus or volcasaurus... just my opinion.

As for unbanning magician of faith and oppression, i really want to see them! With so much backrow hate oppression wouldn't make so much of an impact now, and things like gachi wouldn't be such an issue. Faith... really want to see her! But speaking of unbanning cards... i'd like to see snatch steal! Crazy (and probably stupid) idea but, mst IS at 3 and it might be able to bring more balance and make sure the opponent doesn't just spam all their boss monsters in 1 turn (barring dark hole).

LFN said...

lol @ the 3rd comment

LGQ said...

Putting Venus at 1 kills the deck in my opinion, I try not to kill anything in my list (aside from rabbit, putting it to 2 still kills it, so it doesn't matter)

@1st anon : seriously, hitting everything and introducing a new line of staples? List is based on OCG, and plants did nothing this format aside from random toppings, so chances of them getting hit is slim.

@2nd Anon : Venus is the center of the deck, not Hyperion. Killing her would automatically kill Agents

@Marodin : Yes, Hornet is a 1 for 1, but without it poping cards off the field, Damsel and Centipede aren't all that bad, their +1s would be like Venus or Stratos, its still good pluses, but you won't get piss off by it. Yeah, I would like to see more banned cards come back too.

LGQ said...

@ 3rd Anon - This is Gonna be long, so bear with it please.

1st, I don't play Psychics, I just want them to see plays again.

2nd, I play them "new balanced out" decks too and I'm quite successful with it, but that doesn't change the fact they need to go.

3rd, play the OCG asian format and tell me Gachi is not broken. Seriously, try it. Same goes for Rabbit. Or you would prefer me hitting just about every trap in the game to make the deck less stable? If that works for you, fine.

Inzektors, are Tier 1, they aren't tier 0, yes. Look at the formats since TELEDAD, were there any Tier 0 since then? NO, there has not been a tier 0 since TeleDAD in the OCG, keep that in mind, getting hit by banned list and being Tier 0 has nothing to do with each other.

Faith coming back is stupid, tell that to Konami when they brought back Reborn and BLS.

They have Twister and other stuff that works like a watered down version of MST, where is it now? Oh!? at 3. Sky Scourge Enrise is a powered down Chaos Sorcerer, look Sorcerers back at 3 now. Just cause they make a weaker version of the card, doesn't mean Konami won't bring a card back, if the format needs it, they're not as stupid as one thinks.

I respect your opinions on my list, but I don't like the way you put it. A constructive criticism should NEVER have words that insults others, please keep that in mind.

Bahamut84 said...

If anything inzektor should get touched it should be Damsel/Dragonfly imo.

Look at the new inzektor cards from the next set, why would anyone put them over Damsel lol

LGQ said...

@baha :true, but won't that kill the deck?

Anonymous said...

Ouch...the 3rd brain...

I agree with pretty much everything on the list(of LGQ, not that wannabe-pro), though i'd expect konami to firstly put teleport back at 2 instead of unlimiting right away.

And yeah, earth is a searcher like stratos in that regard, only with lower stats but compensated with being a tuner. Limiting earth would probably make players use birdman in main lol.

One huge problem i constantly faced in this format is dustshot, it literally turns god hands into crap hands, beside giving away information for free, IMO that card deserves banning, if konami's gonna ban anything.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to add this part:

Isn't the main problem of the wind-up loop the hunter? Banning the hunter wouldn't weaken the wind-up "archetype", only eliminating that loop everyone hates. (though I doubt konami's gonna do anything about it)

LGQ said...

well, Dustshoot does kinda deserve getting banned, but no one ever thinks about banning it for some reason. Totally agree how pain in the ass that card can be, might consider having him among the bunch.

Hunter isn't broken by itself, Zenmighty-Rat loop may find itself abuse in some other way, hitting one of those is safer than hitting Hunter.

Bahamut84 said...

Isn't that the point of having a restriction list.

Damsel to 1 is much more playable than Hornet to 1.

Anonymous said...

Well i think imo what i like to see this:


Lonefire Blossom

Wind-up Zenmighty(new)
Royal Oppression (return)
Thousand-Eyes Restrict(return)
Gachi Gachi Gantetsu(new)
Dark Magician of Chaos(return)
Magical Scientist(return)

Book of Moon
Rescue Rabbit(new)
Torrential Tribute(new)
Mirror Force(new)
Monster Gate(new)
MST (new)
Inzektor Damsel(new)

Summoner Monk(new)
Necro Gardna(new)
Destiny Draw(new)
Magic Cylinder(new)

My list is to add new ideas/return old decks/limit herp-derp in the format.

Anonymous said...

forgot to add unlimit emergency teleport

Anonymous said...

Lol sorry last time semi limit
Master Hyperion
Agent Venus

petqwe said...

I am happy that a pro mentioned E-Tele has to be unbanned.
But then, I am a bit conservative about Magician of Faith.

blackwingEX said...

there was once a time that a certain structure deck boss was suspected to get banhammered (Machina Fortress) but it didn't

well... I wouldn't say Konami would leave Grapha and Hyperion untouched but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't

I also doubt that Gachi gachi would get hit, it's not a derp-enabler and it promotes longer games, IMO it's a toss between earth or venus taking a hit (if necessary)

Hornet or perhaps damsel

Zenmighty or Rat? (has to be Zenmighty)

Rabbit? (why not just Laggia and Dolkka, they're just as broken with the Evol-engine)

MoF = I'd take my chances on Snatch Steal, too many power-spells around...

Oppression = should never has come off the list with mst at 3... but this backed up by nat beast/laggia =(ugh)

E-tele = yeah R2 first then R3

HOW ABOUT PUTTING D.FISSURE/MACRO COSMOS to 1? (this IMO is a lot worse than Oppression)

Anonymous said...

Sangan should be banned, it's about time.

Don't think gachi gachi could be limited.
If it happes, zenmaines'd be banned.

It's easier to make in most decks and doens't even defends as counter attacks.

What do you think would be more broken? Magician of Faith or DMOC?
If anything will come back is probably 1 of those.

Isn't time to semi bestiari? or kalut? I don't see GB or BF playing anymore...

Brionac as 1 doens't makes much diference. It lost a lot of power since it was meta. Such as scapegoat.

Monk, Tragoedia, Necro Gardna, D Draw, Swords of revealing light are in process of unlimitation, and has a good chance of being at 3...

Wind-up rat or zenmaigthy at 1 cuts the discard loop, but hunter at 0 transforms wind-up in a regular engine as x-sabers... lots of searchers, specials and extra deck plays...

Anonymous said...

limit shine ball and kill agants! \o/

Anonymous said...

Add us and see how banlist can comment

Kyle Rotharmel said...

I'd just like to point out that if Gachi goes to 1, Agent's would probably just start teching Black Mist, really wouldn't change much of anything.

Anonymous said...

even if gachi gets hit that will give the agent player the chance to play black mist. true it doesn't boost the whole field and doesn't take forever to kill but its still quite powerful

MQU88 said...

Lol@ 3rd comment but this is a good list