Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wing Blast vs Evacuation Device!!

 Both of these are the best traps for the current format in my opinion. Here I wanna compare these traps.

Wing Blast :

Advantage :

1. Get rid of problem without destroying it.
2. Sends to top deck, making your opponent dead draw sometimes, and give you a turn to prepare for it.
3. Can target spell and trap in case you wanna OTK or something like that.
4. Gets rid of your opponent's boss monsters (any one of them)

Disadvantage :

1. You need to discard a card for it (which may be the reason some decks shy away from it)

Mostly seen in decks that :

Generate advantages easily and doesn't care about a card or 2. This card fits easily into most "aggressive" meta decks.

Inzektor, Doppel, Agents - decks that run medium amount of traps (6~7 copies) would run this card to a better effect because they have more cards in hand to discard and can gain advantage from the discarded card some times.

Compulse :

Advantage :

1. No cost 
2. You can target your own cards, ie, chain to BTH and stuffs.
3. Gets rid of opponent monsters (preferably those from extra deck)

Disadvantage :

1. Only target monsters (not that big a deal actually)
2. Doesn't do much to monsters that can be summon easily again, ie BLS, Hyperion

Mostly seen in decks that :

Need to maintain card advantage to win. Control decks normally play this against powerful Synchro or Exceed monsters since they need 2 or more cards (most of the time) to make and this card gains advantage by sending them back. While not being able to deal with monsters like DAD and Hyperion as well, these decks play this card since its free and serve as cheap removal.

This card is usually only seen in decks that run high trap counts (10+ trap decks), for example HERO Beat. BUT, unlike Wing Blast, which is only seen in main decks (most of the time), Compulse proves itself to be a popular side deck card. 


I've been hearing people saying 1 of those is better than the other, but my conclusion after looking at decklist that won tourneys, is the effectiveness of these cards depends on the deck its played in. Or more specifically, the amount of traps the deck runs.

Wing Blast works well in decks that run medium amount (6~7 ) of traps, while Compulse works better in decks that run high (10+) or low (lower than 5) traps. Also, Compulse works better in combo decks that involves special summoning monsters from hand (ie, X-sabers) while Wing Blast serve ONLY as combo breaker and does it very well.

All the above assumptions are made by myself after looking at plays, decklists, the meta and also after test playing. Feel free to give me feedback.


Anonymous said...

in a format where players are usually prepping the field for a synchro summon or a xyz summon, i would say that compulse is better. dont get me wrong. wing blast is also good, and had it's time in other formats, but when a single compulse can prevent a laggia play much better than wing blast can, you cant really say no to that. sure laggia is not a problem, but there are times where he can be a problem. plus, using two cards to get rid of one card is a bit pricey unless you have ways to plus like crazy.

EdseL said...

"unless you have ways to plus like crazy."

^Looks at Inzecter >_>

Anonymous said...

Fiendish Chain =D