Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hieroglyph Dragon : Tech update 1

I'm so interested in this deck type that I've been testing it for the past few days, extensively!

I've been playing this deck like Infernity at its prime a few formats ago, consistently build up your card pool then OTK your opponent.

The only difference is that the deck doesn't run as many traps as Infernity does, cause you need most of quite a few monsters in hand to build the bridge to OTK.

1. Pot of Duality

Most OTK based decks stray away from this card,but for me, this card really helps the deck set up, since more than half of the monsters in my build can't be summon directly to the field. You really need to have access to those which you could normal summon (or CyDra) for your combos. The deck has 3 RoTA's where you can tutor any card to your hand, but I'm opening with dead cards more often than I expected.

I do agree that in an OTK deck, speed is usually more important than any other factors, BUT, I'm paranoid, so I would usually play things safer and make sure I have my pieces by turn 3 or 4. Thats not exactly a bad thing since Inzektors can't go off unless they start blowing my cards, unless they have Gigamantis in hand, they are not gonna kill me. As for the second most powerful deck, TG Agents, they will do, Earth 1st turn, Venus on the  2nd, thats about 4400 damage, but I would probably have my cards now to do their thing.

Can't deny the fact that Pot of Duality kills the speed of this deck, but thats the way I would play the deck. Just my personal pick over cards that add speed but lacks consistency (Upstart Goblin).

2. Luster Dragon (aka Sapphire Dragon)

I run a copy of this 1900 beater in my deck. Gieb is the Shura of the deck, if Hieroglyph Mark of the God Dragon would be Vayu, Sapphire Dragon would be Gale. This card really acts sorta like Gale in purpose. If you draw into it, it would beat most of the things off your opponent side of the board (aside from a Gachi boosted Venus). And Geib can pull it out with its effect and make rank 4's. Its sorta a tech for the deck but the main problem is how you would fit it in the deck.

As for me, I'm currently play 3 Hieroglyph Mark, 1 Luster #2 (Emerald Dragon) and 1 Luster. I'm not sure if I should play 3-1-1 or 2-2-1. Since Emerald Dragon combos well with the CyDra Hieroglyph Dragon or just about any Dragon out into Atumus. And the Mark is almost always dead in hand.

3. Compulsory Evacuation Device

The best trap of the format!

It does more than just messing up your opponent's strategies, it resets Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. This deck makes Atumus extremely easy. We're gonna bring him out with Atumus most of the time and if we could potentially make an OTK by reseting him and getting rid of the now-useless-slot-wasting-Atumus, thats not bad a deal.

I'm playing 3 copies of these instead of double Bottomless and Torrential. While BTH is more powerful, its range of targets and functions are very limited as compare to Compulse, and Torrential is juts bad in this deck since you need monsters on your opponent field to start special summoning and combos.


Super Rejuvenation isn't really my kind of card, although I prefer playing consistently, I don't like cards that serve only as backup in case of my OTK fails.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but wiki changed there effects. They only can special summon a normal 0/0 monster from hand, deck, or grave. No more rank 5 or 6 xzy spamming. Your gale and emerald have become worthless... sorry bro

GQ said...

LOL! What! And 4 days of work gone down the drain then!

maddtatter said...

that blows i was using them to bring out blue eyes then burststeam

Anonymous said...

The OCG cards say "Change the ATK and DEF to 0" (I'm Japanese), so the Wikia translation is wrong (not uncommon lol), unless there is a new scan of the cards.

Anonymous said...

LOL hope you are right because my build ran Luster#2 and curse of dragon. Non of that rank 8 crap