Saturday, January 21, 2012

HERO beat topping again!!

Sorry for not posting for a week, school started for me and CNY is in the corner, lots of things to do and I end up extremely tired everyday after revision and stuffs. Since I have some free time now, might as well make full use of it.

Looks like the TCG had caught up with the OCG in terms of set release, since ORCS has been pre-released last weekend if I’m not mistaken, this only happened once before back in 2006 I think, what ever this means, its not really a concern for both parties I think. I’ve been hearing stuff saying Konami push the release to January because they wanna make sure they can hit Inzektors in the March banned list, that’s a good hypothesis (or any term suitable, hey, I’m a Engineering major, that’s the only term I know). Seeing how Inzektors win almost every tourney since their build stabilized, its no wonder konami want to hit it hard, just to make sure we don’t get another shitty 6 month ahead of us.

Coming back to the OCG, I’ve been seeing more and more HERO beat topping, it definitely replaced Rabbit Lagggia as the 3rd most popular deck of the format, behind Inzektors and Agents. I say party, this is due to how the deck can main 3 Macro Cosmos (if the duelist wants to) and don’t feel bad about it. Macro is extremely powerful at the moment, being THE best side deck card against most of the current top tier. If you could potentially main it, even better.

The other reason I think HERO beat is gaining popularity is probably due to the ineffectiveness of monster destruction in general. The deck normally run 7 to 8 monsters (that’s not a typo), and almost every one of them are floaters (allius is a floater to me, since Gemini Spark gains you pluses anyway, AND we also have HERO blast). The amount of traps the deck can run and how Decree will almost never stay long enough to hurt it has something to do with its success as well. Super Polymerization is now run in 3’s in the main deck, well, since you generate a lot of advantage anyway, and Laggia is the only other deck that does the same (and will stop your plays effectively), I see no reason not running it.

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