Friday, January 8, 2010


In December 2008, Lam made his 1st YGO blog which I followed and created this blog out of the fun of it. After a few post, I felt bored and felt lonely as no one was viewing then I stopped.

A few months later, in March last year, I was watching one of Neuxcharge's video where one of his link shown an URL to a YGO blog. That is the blog that we known as THE GAIJIN DUELIST.

With just about 20 post, Rauzes's blog really shined compare to the other OCG blogs (although there aren't many back then). Since then, I constantly viewed his blog from time to time, and I remembered one day, "Hey, Don't I have a blog myself?"

So, you could say that Rauzes was the one to inspire me to start blogging again. And it is due to this that I came to know many people in YGO. Before last year, I only know a handful of people (well), the others just come and go, not many can be considered as a FRIEND. I'm not exactly a guy you can call sociable. I don't make alot of friends in my school life. Thats why making friends with people all around the world was like something far fetch for me. But with this blog, I manage to meet people from all around SEA and even Rauzes himself, and the fact that someone from the States and UK to even heard of me, is a truely great experiance.

I really hate to see Rauzes go, but I do agree that life has to go on and his personal life is more important that his blog AND YGO itself.

For those of you who met me, you know I don't like to speak of Rauzes when we play, trade or just chat. I don't know if you know this, but I really talk bad things about him. Why can't I be friendly with him (not in person as he is *censored* when not in front of screen, and his attitude as *censored* is different from when he is Rauzes). I treat him as a yardstick I suppose.

In the OCG blogger's community, Rauzes and Baha stand on top where the rest of us fighting below to get close to them. I don't know about most of you guys, but I personally view Rauzes and Baha(to a lesser extend, not to be rude, but I just know Rauzes better compare to you) as rivals. So, if this is a Political Issue, he will be the freaking president and I would be the guy hiring an assassin.

Its hard to see The Gaijin Duelist go, but in another point of view, it would be one less fierce opponent. Well, the truth is that, I think Rauzes really infected a lot of people into blogging YGO, and him being there just motivates (a challenge to me) a lot of people into creating new deck ideas.

Last but not least, Rauzes states that he has end his turn. Passing the turn to his private life in the country of Japan. Unless he got OTKed! I hope he comes back some day with another blog and/or another alias!!

so, we shall wait till that day, we see a new blog with a familiar touch with its first post being

俺のターン! ドロー!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you felt that way about Rauzes. But I'm sure he appreciates your respect for his achievements.

By the way, have you looked into Google AdSense (I remember you asked about it earlier)? If Malaysia is included, you can earn some money.

Duelist#LGQ said...

although I HATE to admit this, but as a YGO blooger I do respect him.

I don't think Malaysia is included...