Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 day after getting GS02...

After I packed all my GS02 cards, I found out I now have a total of 9 Fissure, 6 Lightning Vortex, 5 Call of the Haunted, 4 Book of Moon, 10 Sakuretsu Armor, 4 Morphing Jar and 7 Solemn Judgment in my staple pile (meaning not including those in my decks). This basically means I have more than enough cards for another deck or 2. Only thing that I lack are extra sleeves and deck box space....

Btw, found this !!

Since my Gadgets are free of duty and are growing molds, I feel like making them as soon as I get all the cards and more importantly sleeves!!


monsters (13)
3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gadget
3x Yellow Gadget
3x Des Lacooda
1x Morphing Jar

spells (9):
3x Book of Moon
2x Fissure
2x Lightning Vortex
2x Kaiser Colosseum

traps (20):
3x Sakuretsu Armor//Dimension Prison
3x Raigeki Break
3x Traphole
1x Mirror Force
3x Royal Oppression
3x Divine Wrath
3x Dark Bribe
1x Solemn Judgment

well, this may seem okay in my point of view but the fact that I still lack Mirror Force in most of my decks and having sold all my Dark Bribes really is starting to be a problem.... (shouldn't had sold them.... DANG!!)


1 thing I really like from GS02 is the Gold Dark Armed, and I'm now trying to collect it. Its official!! Dark Armed just became my 3rd most favorite Dragon in YGO, trialling behind Red Eyes and Blue Eyes Ultimate(which for some reason I don't have any copy of...)!!


Since I had a playset of Gold Breaker the Magical Warrior, its obvious for me to build either a Magician or a AntiMETA deck. Being the ignorant guy I am, I chose the OBVIOUS CHOICE of trying to build a Dark Magician deck(expensive)!! But then I found out that I don't have any copy of Ultra Rare Dark Magician.... which is a problem (YES!! COMMON WON'T DO!! WHY? YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR ACE AS A COMMON, CAN YOU?). That what took me so long to build a NEOS deck, cause I don't have the Ultra ones until recently....


monsters (19):
3x Dark Magician (hands on hat, bloodly cross hand pose and 10th anniversary)
2x Dark Magician Girl (LE5 extremely expensive version and 10th anniversary)
3x Breaker the Magical Warrior (Gold)
3x Skilled Dark Magician (Super rare)
3x Magician's Valkyria (Gold or LE5)
2x E HERO Prisma (like I have extra Prisma.... I need more Prisma!!)
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon (Gold)

spells (13):
3x Magical Dimension
2x Dark Magic Attack
2x Dark Magic Curtain
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

traps (10):
3x Magician's Circle
1x Magic Cylinder (Gold)
1x Mirror Force (Mr Y's favorite trap)
1x Call of the Haunted(Gold)
3x Birthright
1x Solemn Judgment

Extra :
1x Dark Paladin (which I have none!!)

As you could probably see, this is a very idiotic deck. Trying to use this against any Control based deck is suicide. Comparing this to the semi-competitive Gadget build above is a joke. But if you ask me which would I prefer to build now, I would say THIS. But thats just because I'm ME!!


That's it for today, I guess my next post would be Friday night or in the weekends.

Take a guess what deck is this card meant to deal with? GB Hunter's best friend!!

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Neuxcharge said...

hehe, we could always treat the 3 Gadgets as 1 Ace monster XD And I'm not talking about Stronghold ^^