Wednesday, January 20, 2010


monsters (10):

3x Battle Fader
3x Zero Guardna
3x Cyber Valley
1x Morphing Jar

spells (9):

3x Wave-Motion Cannon
3x Nightmare Steel Cage
1x Swords of Revealing Light
2x Emergency Provisions

traps (23):

3x Threatening Roar
3x Waboku
3x Good Goblin House Keeping
3x Accumulated Fortune
3x Just Desserts
3x Secret Barrel
2x Chain Detonation
1x Cease Fire
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Return From A Different Dimension

Extra :

3x Stardust Dragon

Side :

3x Twister
2x Book of Eclipse
1x MST
3x Dimension Fissure
3x Starlight Road (OMG!! Expensive)
3x Macro Cosmos

A standard stall burn deck that I just made a couple of days ago. I don't have the side deck OBVIOUSLY!! And I'm lacking a few cards. Still, I really wanna try this out at locals, maybe this Weekend? I haven't went to any tourneys since 2 months ago, so, I'm getting a little rusty!!

This deck's prototype defeated all(well, those that he used anyway...) of Lam's deck except his Blue Eyes deck, I'm not gonna tell you why. I just wanna say that Burn decks that doesn't include Lava Golem are gonna cry going against that deck...


GS02 Complete list , but I'm not sure of the card number sequence. Credits to a forum of trust worthy CHINESE!!

月書 洗腦 小落雷 颶風 地割 

傭兵 冰帝 魔導戰士 手抹壺 小強 AOJ 裁龍 戰龍

魔法筒 技撥 墓呼 神宣 炸裝

黑魔導女武神 神獸王 (NR)

Translated :

monsters :

Exile Force, Mobius the Frost Monarch, Breaker, Morphing Jar, Spirit Reaper,AOJ Catastor, Judgment Dragoon, Dark Armed Dragon

Spell :

Book of Moon, Brain Control, Lightning Vortex, Hurricane//Giant Turnade, Fissure

Traps :

Magic Cylinder, Skill Drain, Call of the Haunted, Solemn Judgment, Sakuretsu Armor(why? at least Wide Spread Ruin...)

NR :

Magician's Valkyria, God beast King 8864


Thats all, the first 10 cards are awesome, but the later 10, was... meh... WHY!! WHY AIN'T THERE TREEBORN FROG OR MEZUKI!! WHERE IS PRISMA!! NO!!

EDIT : Now I know who is 小強, its Spirit Reaper!! Take a guess why!! You would freaking say SWT!!


Why did Konami put ABSOLUTE CRAP in the second half of GS02 ? Because JACK ATLAS canceled his order on the GS02 box.


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