Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last day of Holiday for me!!

Tomorrow, my life return to normal as my University starts its new semester after a Long Long break. Expect less post for week days.

Last Friday, me and Lam went to our usual card shop and got some cards. I got ripped badly, although I don't really care.

2 Nitro Warrior (Ultra) + 1 Dark Lord Zerato + 1 Junk Archer for 3 common Just Deserts and 1 Jinzo Returner....


Well, those cards are just lying in my album anyway and I don't wanna pay so its just fair for me. I know, thats just for making me feel better.

Get to know Mr P, Sg Wang Gamers Arena manager, a bit better as we chat about combos and how he gonna have more tournaments and new tourney style from now on, its great to see improvement. He is a friendly guy if you know him better.

Went to Atria for getting cheap cards and bought 3 Krebons for 50 Cents each!! WAH WAH WAH!! And not to mention the owner treats NR as Commons!! WA HA HA HA!! Check out the NRs we got that day.

Nothing much today, but I guess I'll update once I complete my "F U!! ATTACK LA PLEASE" Burn deck!!

and one thing I notice is that my mouse suddenly became very light after a few days of using Lam's PSP!!

Barboros = 8864 !! Guess Why!!

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