Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Shining Darkness

since yesterday someone came into this topic in the chat box, I suppose I use this as today's topic (sorry Mike, no girls).

Am I the only one excited about getting new Koaki Meiru supports? I guess I am. Most of the people are only interested on the BF supports. I am personally more interested in the Koaki Meiru and the Infernity supports. If you wanna see the card, just go to wikia and type the name out!

Lets start with the BF.

The cards that most likely come out is :

Black Feather Treasure

This card is basically a Destiny Draw or Trade-In for BF. Wow! I guess BF is really slow huh? Its not like they have Allure of Darkness and Black Whirlwind? Oh Wait! They have? I guess Konami just love them too much to let them slip out of Top Tier.

BF - Ghibli the Hot Wind

While not as powerful as the former. This card is essencially a Battle Fader, lacking the end the battle phase part, but we should be warned that this guy is a BF so meaning you can just use Icarus Attack or worst Kalut (since his attack has not been shown yet, I hope its not more than 1000)

Black Thunder

A burn card for BF? 400 for each card they control? OMG!! And it doesn't even have to be destroyed by your opponent's effect, just Icarus Attack one of your BF and thats it. Although I don't think this would be a widely played card, 1 in the deck won't hurt.

Last but not least, we also have the feature card of the set! Black Feather Dragon which we currently still have no idea what it does!!


Now, we move on to the Infernity cards! In my opinion, most if not all of the Infernity cards are extremely powerful ON ITS OWN! I'm not sure if they would be as effective if played together but there is no denial that they are a bunch of nasty cards.

Infernity Mirage

One of the nastiest Infernity yet, its like Necromancer just a lot more powerful, combine this with the former and Daemon, you can easily perform an OTK with those. Kids, if you see someone selling their Infernity for a good price, buy them, I suspect the price would sky rocket in no time.

Infernity Revenger

I seriously hope the ruling of this card does something about it. This card practically just blocks every single attack if you have 2 of these in your grave. Why? When 1 dies, the other just automatically jumps out of the grave. AND if thats not enough, ITS A TUNER!!

Infernity Beetle

While no where as Gay as the two above, this card can thin your deck so freakin' fast its not funny. Tribute 1 for 2 from the deck may be the same as Evil Thorn (that plant card), but what make this card more deadly is the fact that its a freakin' TUNER and its searchable by Sangan and Tomato!!

Infernity Reloader

While being a good card on its own, I feel that this card is over-powered by the other Infernity, true it allows you to draw while performing Burn, but in Infernity terms, its just too slow. Or maybe its just because the others are so Gay, making this not-so-broken card not appealing enough.

Infernity Death Dragon

Dragoon-D-END wannabe. While this card has a good effect and an attack point of 3000. I think most people would only summon him if his effect would game your opponent, Stardust or Collosole Fighter are just better options.


Holy Shit! A card that can turn the tides of the duel completely, although this card gets rid of your battle phase for the turn, you can perform so many things. Such as summoning Death Dragon and dealing Burn while destroying anything higher than him, summoning Necromancer to summon Death Dragon to activate Burn or summoning Mirage into 2 Death Dragons? You get the point!! I'm not surprise that Infernity comes out on the top next format due to this card and getting its self crush by the list!!

Infernity Gun

Seriously, has Konami lost it? They do realize that all this card they made for the Infernity are broken!! When I first saw this card, I thought sending the Infernity into the grave was a maintenance cost, which doesn't really matter as you would most probably just activate and tribute this card, but I just found out that IT ISN'T. Sending Infernity to the grave and summoning 2 of them? And I heard so much complains that Gale was a badly designed card...

Handless Fake

While not gay on its own, this card leads to so many combos, temporary removing your hand can also counter Trap Dustshoot. What makes it worst is that this is a Continuos Trap!

Infernity Reflector

Discard your hand, protect your damn Infernity and deal a 1000 burn damage? This card is insane!

Infernity Break

This card is very good, in a way, its a Crystal Raigeki. But its not broken compared to the rest. So, I have nothing to say about it.

What do you think? Aside from Daemon, they Infernity cards are all easily available, making this deck not as expensive as first though. But this deck is a lot scarier than GB, BF and LS put together. I seriously hope Konami Nerf these cards as all of them are BROKEN!! Please, we don't need another extremely broken deck in the game!!

Remember that old normal rare that allows your opponent to draw 2? Whats it's name again?


Now, on to the Koaki Meiru cards, and to be honest I have no clue... Its not like the deck is featured in the anime or anything.

The cards I wish for should be something like a Solemn or a Mirror Force. Well, I'm dreaming am I?


well, I was originally going to say "Its a bad idea Konami!! Giving a boost to BF is not a good move!!", but after seing the Infernity cards, I suppose that a little boost is fine.

I'm down with the BF!! Whose with me!!

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