Monday, January 11, 2010

Its Over All Ready!?

According to a few blogs, Malaysia had won the Asian Championship. Proud to be a Malaysian!! Yeah! SatuMalaysia!! ... not really, its not like it was a group effort or anything, it was just the guy who did it was good.

If I am not wrong we won the Asian Championship last year as well (or was it Singapore, no. Singapore won Worlds). Nevermind.

I was stunned when I heard that the winner was using Pure Lightsworn/Lightlord. Yes, PURE! means not Twilight, not Flamesworn, just plain and simple mill, mill, mill, Nuke, GG Lightsworn.

One very funny thing was.... I thought Asian Championship is at March... I came home late yesterday night and saw it on Alex's blog and I was like ... What?

But since I'm not a part of it, why would I care(and I was still rooting for Taiwan. Damn...)?


I am now facing a serious problem, while I only have 1 E HERO Stratos/Airman. I currently owns 3 HERO decks. "What? Seriously?"

And I also lack of another playset of Miracle Fusions... Shit!

As for now, my only complete HERO deck is my main, the Manga Judai HERO deck or people would just say ZERO deck for short. My other 2, my NEOS and Evil HERO(not Dark Gaia) are still lacking cards!!


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