Saturday, January 30, 2010

ネオス :“俺 参上”

Hello world. Since I'm quite free this morning I came up with not 1 but 2 decklist that I hope I can build soon. The key card of both decks are not available YET!! But it would be release in next month's Vjump as the promo. Yes you guessed it, the card I'm talking about is E HERO Neos Knight!!

I was thinking of a decklist that would be fun and semi-competitive but couldn't made up my mind which is the better of the 2, so I just post them up to show you guys what I had in mind.

Thoughts on Neos Knight :

This guy is one mean card. And I'm not just talking about being a great E HERO, to me, this guy is on par or even surpass Absolute Zero as THE most powerful E HERO. How can that be? It doesn't have the destructive power build-in Zero. Here is my point :

1. Its Neos + any Warrior, meaning any E HERO, making it on par with Zero and the other Nature based HEROs in fusion user-friendly.

2. Its a Neos fusion, meaning it have excess to all those Neos cards!! BEAT THAT!!

3. It can end games FAST.... and Honest-able. ZERO and Shining have to leave the field to gain advantage, he just wins the game for you...

4. Played together with the Nature based HEROs, especially The Shining and see this card does wonders!!

5. I can go on but those are the main points...


Lets waste no more time and proceed to the first decklist...


monster (17):
3x E HERO Neos
3x E HERO Prisma
1x E HERO Stratos
3x Black Luster Soldier
3x King of the Swamps
3x The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
1x Morphing Jar

Spell (19):
3x Polymerization
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Fusion Sage
2x Dragon's Mirror
2x Fusion Recovery
1x Future Fusion
3x E Emergency Call
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

trap (4):
1x HERO Blast
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra (15):
3x E HERO Neos Knight
3x E HERO Absolute Zero
2x E HERO Gaia
1x E HERO The Great Tornado
3x Dragon Master Knight

This deck focuses on Neos Knight AND Dragon Master Knight. Black Luster Solider is an awesome Fusion Material as it can be fused with to become the 2 mentioned AND E HERO Gaia.

The Theme of this deck is to ... Summon Big Ass Boss Monsters out EVERY TURN. Simple and Nice!!

The truth is, I was thinking of building a Dragon Master Knight decklist when I had Prisma in and suddenly thought of Neos Knight. Which I proceed with scrapping the idea of the former decklist and proceed to where I am right now.

Of the 2, I guess Lam would prefer this because of Obvious Reasons. Anyone who likes Big Ass Monsters would like this build better!!

I give you a minute to process the data before we proceed to the next topic... I mean deck.


This Next deck is one of my most favorite list that I had came up with in a LONG LONG time. As you know, I absolutely loves fusion (screw you Syncro Summon!!), this deck can be said as Fusion Summon at its finest!!


monster (17):
3x E HERO Neos
2x Rainbow Dragon
3x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Necroshade
2x E HERO Forestman
1x E HERO Stratos
1x N Grandmole
3x King of the Swamps

spells (16):
3x Polymerization
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Fusion Recovery
1x Future Fusion
3x E Emergency Call
2x O Oversoul
1x Heavy Storm

trap (7):
2x Beckoning Light
2x HERO Signal
2x HERO Blast
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra (15):
3x E HERO Neos Knight
3x E HERO The Shining
2x E HERO Absolute Zero
1x E HERO Gaia
1x E HERO The GREAT Tornado
1x E HERO Divine Neos
1x E HERO Necroid Shaman
1x E HERO Terra Firma // The Freaking Earth
2x Rainbow Neos

I guess there is no need in explaining how this deck works. The theory of this deck is :

Neos = God

Summon every possible Neos Fusion (aside from the Contact Fusion ones) and have them do their job for you.

Fusion monsters that Neos can fuse into : Neos Knight, The Shining, Absolute Zero, Gaia, The Great Tornado, Rainbow Neos, Divine Neos, all those Neos Fusions. Truely, amazing.


I know, this is one long post. But since I did not post for a few days, I guess this is a good excuse!!

on a side note : There is a Highlander tournament next month AND the prizes are good (in Malaysian terms) AND there is NO BANNED LIST!! WOO HOO!! YATA-LOCK!!

This is gonna be fun!!


Updated wants :

8+ Dark Armed Dragon (Gold Rare)
Any number of Ultra rare Red Eyes Black Dragon
2x Miracle Fusion (Super Rare)
1x Book of Moon (Gold Rare)
1x Skill Drain (Gold Rare)

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