Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WBX ~ DoubleCore-Beat-XTREME(40)

This is my attempt to build an AntiMETA deck that suits my personality, playing with Koaki Meiru's!!

In most AntiMETA builds, Royal Oppression usually plays a more important role. Skill Drains just stay in the side lines. This is what I don't understand. Royal Oppression builds never won anything BIG, while Skill Drain based builds, Barboros Drain and Plant-Drain had won numerous times. This may be in the fact that, while Royal Oppression is a very good defensive card, Skill Drain is all around both a defensive and an OFFENSIVE card.

While most people would side in the Light or Dark Imprisoning Mirrors in their side deck, a simple Skill Drain playset is both more Powerful and cut down spaces, which your side deck needs... or maybe thats just me.

The latest member of the Koaki Meiru Archtype, the Urknight, that came in Absolute Powerforce a while back is a true BEAST. At 2000 attack, it can take down virtually any 4 star monster with little effort. But its real value are in its effect.

By revealling, YES REVEALLING NOT DISCARDING an Iron Core of Koaki Meiru in your hand, you get to special summon another 4 star or lower Koaki Meiru from your deck aside from itself.

How is that game breaking? as if a free special summon not game breaking? and mind you that most of the lv4 Koaki Meiru have Xtremely high attacks for their Lv. But more Koaki Meiru on the field means more maintanence cost? Well, Crusader can easily be considered as costless and Power Arms just need to reveal a normal trap, so.... discarding THAT core you just revealed maybe?

in case you haven't notice, yes the name of the deck is another KR reference...

monster (16):

3x Beast King Barboros
3x Koaki Meiru Urknight
2x Koaki Meiru Crusader
3x Koaki Meiru Power Arms
1x Koaki Meiru Boulder
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x BF - Gale of the Whirlwind
1x The Tricky (OMG!! Expensive shit)// Vice Dragon (still expensive...)

spells (9):

3x Iron Core of Koaki Meiru
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Lightning Vortex
1x Cold Wave
1x Giant Turnade

traps (15):

3x Raigeki Break
3x Dimension Prison
2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
3x Skill Drain
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Dark Bribe

considering this is a Koaki Meiru build, I dare to say this is quite a solid build. Lets take a look at the Side, you will most probably scared the shit out your opponent.

3x Guardian Eatos
3x Thunder King Raioh
3x Trap Eater
3x Dimension Fissure
3x Macro Cosmos

Lame idea? Never gonna work? Maybe. But Asian Championship was won by Malaysia AND Lightsworn // Lightlord...


Basic gameplay : This is ANTIMETA, how else can it play? Although Urknight can bring the speed up a little.


Key Cards :

Beast King Barboros

Explanations? U really need them?

Koaki Meiru Urknight ~ "I am the almighty Archangel that had descend upon these lands..."

Swarm (a little), freaking beatstick, Koaki Meiru, Beast Warrior, "I got a freaking cool sword!!"!! How can any card be better!! ... unless your Neos!!

Iron Core of Koaki Meiru

Discard Forder and just help the swarm basically. Or maybe you can set one and hope your opponent MST or Storm it!!


Why did I say Neos is cooler?

May I present, the POTD-JP001 NEOS

OMG!! TELL ME WHAT IS COOLER THAN THIS!!! (if you read Air Gear you would find this familiar...)

any suggestions?

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WALAU!! Gundam Neos