Monday, April 12, 2010

Competitive E HERO deck!?

Tested for quite a long time (since Sin Red Eyes tourney), I think I've come across a quite "OK" build of competitive E HERO decks.

While you may say that there are tons of other E HERO deck that are competitive out in the META, they are just not my style. Heck, I don't get running Duel Spark in HERO at all.

Whats the main goal of the deck : control and beatdown. A simple concept but effective none the less. But I've still yet to find an equivalent to Infernity Gun and God Bird Attack thou. So, when going against top decks, you'll still be extremely stress and you'll have to constantly keep your cool and control the field. Advice is to get some Pepsi when you play, trust me, a can of Pepsi a day, keeps the doctors away.

Without Duel Spark and HERO Blast, how does E HERO controls? Well, you don't really control as in controlling their field, I like to put it as wasting their resources as most E HEROs are cards you wanna get rid of FAST. But you'll have to be extra careful as 1 wrong move and you could be OTKed.

From experience, playing E HERO is playing with advantages. Play it right and you'll be steady as Gadgets but I tend to spam everything I got in hand so I guess thats out. While top decking is not what you want to rely when it comes to competitive dueling, I find top decking in E HERO extremely FUN, maybe its just because I'm hallucinating to be Judai...

While, not as gay as Infernity in terms of top decking potential, 1 card really could turn the tides in E HERO decks. Of cause, this is IF you already wasted all your opponents resources. You don't wanna Miracle Fusion and got BTH right?

3x E HERO Another Neos // Neos Alias

3x E HERO Ocean

2x E HERO Forestman//Woodsman

1x E HERO Airman//Stratos

2x King of the Swamps

2x Honest

1x Cyber Dragon

1x Morphing Jar


3x E-Emergency Call

3x Miracle Fusion

2x Fusion Gate

2x Polymerization

2x Parallel World Fusion

1x Pot of Avarice

1x The Warrior Returning Alive

1x Fusion Recovery

1x Heavy Storm

1x Cyclone//Mystic Space Typhoon

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

2x Bottomless Traphole

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Trap Dustshoot

1x Solemn Judgment

3x E HERO Absolute Zero

3x E HERO The Shining

2x E HERO The GREAT Tornado

2x E HERO Gaia

2x E HERO The Earth//Terra Firma

1x E HERO Neos Knight

2x ChimeraTech Fortress Dragon


2x Snowman Eater
1x Winged Kuriboh
3x Burden of the Mighty
2x Super Polymerization
1x Parallel World Fusion

2x Royal Decree
2x Light Imprisoning Mirror
2x Dark Imprisoning Mirror

I guess most of you are thinking. Why the idiotic side deck? I'll say, I dunno!! Really, Hane Kuriboh basically just looks cool in there. No other specific reasons.

I don't see this deck winning any tourney but it does its job good.


Duelist#LGQ said...

comments are back now!!

mike said...

Do you ever have problems drawing monsters? 15 is abit low. I run 15 and 3 miracles and 3 fusion gate and only 4 or 5 heroes. And I still run 1 calling army and 2 e-call

The probality to open up with Fusion Gate and E hero Airman is quite low for me.

I cut down 1 miracle in my own deck liaw le. I may have to cut down Gate..

Duelist#LGQ said...

I never encounter this problem before, because my E HERO deck and I are 1. I almost always draws Airman in turn 1. Ask around!!

MonarchVV said...

No Reinforcements of the Army???


Duelist#LGQ said...

3 E call is more than enough

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