Monday, April 19, 2010

Interesting decks!

Yesterday at the Starlight Road tourney, I saw quite a few Interesting decks. Credits go to their builders.

Aside from the 50% Machina and 20% BF, the tourney has 2 Infernity, 1 Gladial Beast and 1 Flamvell Neko. The others are random(by random I don't mean weak!) decks.

Interesting deck 1 :

Normal Dark Gaia beat - Some Malay dude

While I did not see any Dark Gaia being played when I watch them play (a minute or 2), the fact that he ran Archfiend Soldier and Giant Soldier of Stone (OMG! Retro!), not to mention Gigantes, gave it away, unless his just mindlessly maining 3 of each of those for no reason.

It runs the normal monster draw cards (both spell and trap) and was really trap heavy. I saw Sirocco and Shura got D Prison in those 2 minutes.

Interesting deck 2 :

Jinzo Machina - Sung Lee
Its weird that Machina mains not 1, not 2 but 3 Jinzos. Why? I have no idea. Does it hurt consistency? No idea!

Why I feel not as good as Gadget and Ancient Gear Dragon variants. This can be a very awesome build. But I can't give much comments as I didn't really see much of the deck.

Interesting deck 3 :

Blue Eyes Hero - Lam
Well, technically not yesterday, it was the day before. Although not completed, this is an EXTREMELY fun deck to play with. No broken in anyway but broken in every way. It runs on a similar engine to the Blue Eyes Exodia FTK, but runs HEROs just to ditch out big ass monsters.

How fun was it? I think Soliel got addicted to it when we were at Wendy's on Saturday night. He was playing the deck for 2 hours straight and his face had a big fat smile on it! In about 15 games (give and take), Soliel ditch out Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon for at least 6 times, and all of it using Polymerization.

Would really wanna play this deck once its completed. Maybe next tourney!!

Interesting deck 4 :

Syncro HERO - Soliel
Again, this was on Saturday but what ever. Miracle Syncro Fusion and Deep Sea Diva are OMG cards in this deck.

But, while Miracle Syncro Fusion was awesome in the deck. Dragoequites isn't. Its either it suck or it brings bad luck upon itself cause it never get to do anything more than wasting one of the opponents back row.

Awesome deck, not so awesome ACE.


Finally completed my Final Countdown deck!! Its really EVIL!! But I think its easy target to side decks, so, need to test it a few times first before I take it to a competitive scene.

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