Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starlight Road Tourney report

Woke up at 7:30 am although I set my alarm at 8 am. Took a bath and prepare my side deck while waiting for Lam to get ready. Was quite late when we decided to go, so we drove all the way to Sungei Wang (which was a 15 minute journey thanks to my navigating and Lam's almost constant 150km/h). We arrived and found Gamers Arena not open yet, so we go take breakfast before that.

Tourney started at 1pm which was an hour later than planned (usual in Malaysian case).

Deck played : Competitive E HERO with Rai-Oh in the side!!

1st match : Earth Beatdown - ???

1st duel : He ran macro build, but I have my Alius and Airman as beatsticks. While Zero nuke his field.

2nd duel : He sided out ALL DD aspects (which caught me by surprise!) and won with beat down.

3rd duel : I started with 2 Miracle Fusion and Heavy Storm. Needless to say.


1 - 0

Between the first and second match, I dueled Sung Lee (a very good Malaysian player), which was running his E HERO deck (still incomplete as he doesn't have a playset of the fusions yet).

2nd Match - Jinzo Machina - Sung Lee (what luck)

1st duel : He drew no monsters in 5 turns, which it ended.

2nd duel : Machina FTW. I didn't know it was Machina cause he didn't pulled any in the first duel. He had summon Fortress out, which I have a set Mirror Force, he release it for a Jinzo. OMG!

3rd duel : He didn't pull anything again.


2 - 0, I think god's with me in this match.

3rd match - Machina - Cookie//Joshua

1st duel : He has god pulls and Limit Remover.

2nd duel : He miss played which cost him.

3rd duel : Mirror Force FTW.

XOO, Good Match!!

3 - 0

4th match - BF -Sean

1st duel - Icarus Attack and Dustshoot rules!!

2nd duel - Miracle Fusion spam!

3rd duel - VERY VERY close duel. I had him at 1600 and me at 2800. With no hands and monsters on both our side. I drew, Neos Allius. I activate my set MST, with him having 2 face downs. Hit God's Warning(which is useless to him now anyways) and got BTH when I summon. He drew and set. I pass. He summon Kalut and attack, which left me at 1400. I draw, CYDRA!! SP Summon it, he flipped up Oppression. I offered a hand shake.


3 - 1

5th match - Machina - ???

1st duel - Crack from a Different Dimension and ChimeraTech Fortress are GODS.

2nd duel - ChimeraTech!! You are my GOD!!


4 - 1

Swiss ended and the top 4 are to playoff to decide the order of the prize pool.

I got ... 5th!! I was like ... not again!?

Congrats to the winners! And I finally get a Bronaic (although I obviously paid too much for it)


Oh yeah! Almost forgot! The DREV cards I got on Friday, I almost traded ALL of them (including the rares)!! But why is Elec Chimera still in my Binder ...


Goofy Playz said...

Congratz on your 4-1 record.

Duelist#LGQ said...

yeah but still can't land me into top 4