Friday, April 16, 2010

DREV box update

1st I wanna thank Konami for giving us such an awesome box. No I don't mean the content, I mean the BOX! Instead of the normal box, you get an ultimate rare version of it (literately).

The ultimate rares are also different from before. The borders are all foiled (similar to gold rare) making the cards extremely cool and extremely easy to search ... oops!

Well the lets cut the crap and I'll show you what I got for the box. No pictures cause my box is at Lam's place cause its a pain to carry around a box of cards without sleeves around the mountain terrain of my campus.

Ultimate :

Scarp Dragon (somehow, I'm not very happy with this, I mean, yeah I want a Scarp Dragon but not an ulti... and since I didn't pull and Chimera...)

Ultra :

Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites ( was hoping for a Holographic rare but ... oh well)
Elec Chimera (wrong chimera dude...)

The ultras are ... well ... normal, but since I don't have unicorn fetish, I don't really mind.

Supers :

Pot of Greederosity (JACKPOT!!)
Trident Warrior (woah, not bad!)
Thunder Unicorn (well, at least 1 Unicorn came out...)

Wasn't really happy with my pulls until I realize that there really wasn't any specific Holos that I wanna get. Aside from a Scrap Chimera maybe. Wish its not an expensive card!!

Oh ya! The NRs, forgotten.

Calamity's Armament

2 NRs? Lucky!!

After that, unsatisfied, I pulled 3 more packs and got Ultimate Rare Vol tech Bi-corn

Thats all forks! I'll be trading and selling everything aside from Dragoequites (most probably), so offer me if you see me!!

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