Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Worlds Qualifier on May 2nd

Or though its written there Malaysian Open, I'm quite certain that this is qualifiers as, well, Nationals are late this year and Worlds is just at the corner.

I think ...

Well, if this IS worlds qualifiers (even if its not) be sure to prepare yourselves for the following decks:

Black Feathers // Blackwings

Yes, still our main man on the top deck spot. While it lacks a Crazy Wall Monster like Machina Fortress, and stupid summoning ability like Infernity Gun. If played right, BF are the worst enemy you can go against.

We all know how BF works, we all know what they are capable of, but only some of us know how to counter them perfectly (which I don't) ... this is a problem.

From the looks of things, and for the fact that Promos are once again not allowed. I suspect about 30 % of all deck are gonna be BF builds.

BE MENTALLY PREPARED, to face BF over and over again.


The new heavy weight champ, when I say heavy I mean HEAVY. With the summoning ability on par if not more than BF decks and a crazy ass boss monster. This deck is one of the main decks you wanna keep your eye on.

Remember one thing, there is no Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon to save your shit in the Asian Format, so you'll just have to find another way.

Although a very cheap deck as compare to his main rivals, this deck proves itself to be one of the best again and again in tourneys (beating 2 BF in the finals played by champs in the last tourney, you know who I'm talking about). Difference is that this time, we don't have promos to save our shit from Fortress.


May I remind you that GAME PROMOs for some retarded reason is ALLOWED in this tourney, I don't understand this at all.

Coming back to the point, Infernity Daemon, while being retardedly expensive is allowed, so we expect to see a full powered Infernity deck in action (lucky that Trishula not being allowed).

With Infernity Gun in its disposal, Infernity is widely considered to be the top deck of this META, and facing one means you should be mentally prepared for losing game 1 as facing Infernity is all about siding.

Mentally prepared ... I like this word!!

Although the chances of you facing one early is slim cause, well, they are EXPENSIVE, to the level that not more than 10 people have a complete deck. And for the fact that BF can do similar or even better job in terms of control than them.


Those are the Big 3 I guess. Other decks in consideration ... really can't think of any!! And DO remember that this is single elimination!! So, you better have your side deck fully prepared to any match up, not wanting any cursing after the match.



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