Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DREV is finally HERE!!

The complete card list may still be a mystery for those of us that gets them from Shriek, but its already here in Malaysia as shown from Jimmy's site.

I'm not quite interested in the card list but I'm definitely gonna buy a box, just so it'll give me some surprises, just like when I bought Lord of Magician//Spellcaster's Command SD a few years ago(and that was a very good surprise).

Planing to play Scrap cause they look cool and not at all with the Unicorns cause I hate their design, who wanna trade their Scrap for Unicorns, you can look for me!!


Just watch Goofyplayz's new video on Gale Dogra. I re-realize that Dragged Down into to the Grave is such an awesome card. It can do really well in AntiMETA deck and all but if it's in Infernity, that'll be really fun. Like Dustshoot, whats good in this card isn't the fact that it allows you to discard an opponent hand, but to look at it. What if your playing Zombie or Darkworld? Even more advantage. Playing Infernity and showing that last monster you have in hand and an Infernity Gun on the field, is just fun!!

Ways to play around this card :
- have 1 card in hand, the card you wanna get ditch (i.e Zombie Carrier//Plague Spreader Zombie)
-show your opponent your killer combo that'll still go off even if 1 card is discarded (watch him//her scream!!)


Now facing a problem on whether to go to Sungei Wang on Saturday or Sunday. Going on Saturday means going for locals and meet up with friends while Sunday means going for a Starlight Road Tourney.


Planning to play Syncro Cat since its no longer a top tier deck in the OCG. Since Flamvell Magical is going to be release in a TP, it can be use in official tourneys. Need to get myself 3 of those and 3 of X-Saber Airbellum. Not to mentioned that I'm officailly out of Ryko, Lightsworn Dog.

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Goofy Playz said...

The funny thing is that ChefHero first used "Dragged Down to the Grave" in a Horus Deck in 2005. I think it was to get rid of cards that would easily destroy Horus L6/8.

DDttGrave is great in Dark World. PowerGX used it in 05/06 before "Dark World Dealings" was available.