Saturday, April 3, 2010


Everyone knows Extra Pack 3 is coming out in 5 months time ... okay, its still a long way to go but from the looks of things now, there are a few things that must be done before that date.

For those of you who wanna have a chance topping while don't wanna spend money on TOP BLOODY TIER 1 decks and those of you who wanna make $MONEY$. In the following months :

Get yourselves :

X-Saber cards (notably Airbellum if you don't already have them), their price will surely INCREASE when Fulhelmknight and EmmersBlade are release.

Flamevell cards, due to the Stupid-Nobrain Madhafarking Hamster.

... why the hell am I posting this, I could just shut up and enjoy the profit myself ... This is of cause just a prediction in response to the CURRENT TCG Meta, the introduction of The Duelist Revolution and Star Strike Blast (featuring Shooting Star Dragon) may change the above facts.

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