Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5th Locals Report

Went to Sg Wang after getting some cards with Lam, reach about 2pm and in no where we see the Dragonlord...

What ever. got some cards then started the tourney. At this point I still lack 1 A Blast of the Ruins for my FTK, so I ran Flamvell Cats as Lam wanna borrow my E HERO Extra deck.

1st match vs Skill Drain

1st duel - I start and set Snowman. After I blow his Vorse Raider, I summon Summoner Monk into Stardust and control from there.

2nd duel - Flamvell Firedog is just too BIG for him. Apparently, he set Vorse Raider and Insect Knight cause he can't beat my Firedog ... WTF!?

2nd match vs Infernity - Karl Lim ...

I thought this is just the 2nd match ...

1st duel - Set Snowman and Mirror Force, passed to him. He RoTA into Grepher, pitch Archfiend into Beetle. Foolished Necromancer. Set 1 or 2. Activates Gun... you get the point ...

2nd duel - I sided in 15 cards!! Apparently, my entire side deck was Anti-Infernity Shit!! I start, 2 Firedog, 2 Avarice, MST and Decendent ... Da FAk? I didn't pull anything good in 3 turns and review to duel 1.

Fak U Trishula!!

3rd match vs BF - GanSeong (nickname of cause)

1st duel - controlled him.

2nd duel - got controlled.

3rd duel - controlled him with Concentrated Light and set Ryko. He activates Mind Control ... At some point after that, he Starlight Road my Mirror Force, and it was game.

4th duel vs Blue Eyes HERO - Lam

cause I ain't gonna get shits anyway, so I play my FTK deck instead, since I got my cards.

1st duel - Shitty hands.

2nd duel - FTK.

3rd duel - He starts and sets Gemini Spark with Allius. I set Morphing Jar, he Sparks it...

1 - 3

ranking 14th ... got a Tourney Pack and pulled shit.

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