Monday, June 14, 2010

Went to Sg Wang today ... Wait!! Ain't today Monday?

Finished class 2pm today, so decides to head to Sungei Wang to register for the upcoming tourney. Was expecting myself to leave right after that. But I saw some people dueling (which I don't know any of them), but apparently, 1 of them know me .... okay ... so I borrow a GB deck from the guy and start playing.

Then, my friend showed up and I continue playing until Mr KC says his gonna go to the gents so he "kindly" showed us out ... for 20 minutes cause he needs to go to the gents ... what is he doing in there ... don't really wanna know.

Team Aba-ranger shows up ... well, at least some of them. Dueled GB mirror match. Which was really kinda fun. Especially when the GB deck I borrowed is really awkward ... it mains Spirit Reaper and Injection Fairy Lily ... WTF ?

I was wondering ... is GB this good a deck ? I've played GB a year ago, and I don't find it consistent, but today, it just controlled like no tomorrow. Cool, maybe I'll built another GB deck when I have the time!!

Sir Micheal (fat Mike, not Mike the blogger) shows up and I was asking for the price for Infernity Death Dragon ... rm80 ... WTF ? I can get 1/4 of Trishula-sama for that price!!

Left Sungei Wang 3.5 hours later at 6pm!!

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