Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scar-Red Nova Dragon

Konami, what ever you do ... FREAKING RELEASE THIS THING!!

Its about time Red Daemon put Stardust in his place, not as equals.

The Scar-Red Nova is really something that would make Trishula piss in his pants.

From the looks of things(still an unconfirmed effect), this shit is one of THE MOST powerful syncros EVER. Not to mention THE only syncro up to date to ever reach lv12, the sacred grounds of YGO monsters.

The stupid words really blocked too much of its text but with a Def of 3000 and its description "a monster that has a great attack power", you can guess how big this thing is.

Its effect (the shown parts) are more than OMG.

1. xxx this card gains 500 atk for every tuner in the grave ... okay ... that just made it bigger ... its still not sure that is this its based attack or a plus in attack thou.

2. xxxx this card cannot be destroy by spell, trap and effect monster's effect ... lol ... a giant beatstick that can't be destroyed by anything but battle ? Please main D Prison more ...

3. xxx you can remove this card from play. When you use this effect xxx you can NEGATE the activation of xxx. What do you think?

4. When this card is remove by this effect xxxx return it to the field. OMG!!


The only advantage Shooting Star has over this thing is ... well, Starlight Road and easier summoning. I mean, Red Daemon's Dragon + 2 Tuners ? Wow!! Thats though, BUT I like it.

Shooting Star Dragon and Scar-Red Nova Dragon aren't equals.

Shooting Star - a new form Stardust got by achieving a faster speed. Or, getting his hand on a F1 car. No, mystical power here, just technologically more advance than Stardust.

Scar-red Nova - the strongest and most powerful Earthbound God's power in the form of Red Daemon's Dragon. Which is sealed away 10000 years ago (at Dartz's time I suppose) by the Crimson Dragon himself.

so, its, F1 vs ancient forbidden creature; lv 10 vs lv 12; attack up to 5 times vs virtually indestructibly; syncro tuner vs 2 tuner; Yusei vs JACK ATLAS.

conclusion, Shooting Star can might as well pack it in and let this guy be the Ghost Rare.

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