Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mind Crush!

A piece of idiotic//pure genius advice is to main Mind Crush in this week end's tourney. NO! I'm not joking.

While, mostly considered side at best, I find this card one of the most "main-able" cards for this weekend. Why?

Obviously, BF and Machina are gonna be the main mile stone to beat this weekend. But if we take a look at the other decks that are//may be popular and stand a chance in the spot light. Herald, Lightlord, GB, frogs and of cause Infernity(without Trishula if you didn't know).

Still why?
What do the top 2 decks have in common ... they search for pieces for their kill ... Oh!!

Herald is basically same as the above.

GB and Lightlord with their search and recycle.

Frogs ... mass driver anyone?

Infernity ... I perform combo, Mirage into archfiend and necromancer!! Activate archfiend's effect!! I search for The Freakin' Gun!! Ha ha ha ha!!


Your opponent will end up like Kaiba in the manga if he is betting everything on that.

While, I wrote those. There aren't any solid proof to back my point up. But IF you have an extra slot in your deck, why not? Besides, we all know how pesky Battle Fader is when you wanna go for game.

AND in case you don't know, you CAN ask for your opponent to show you his//her hand to confirm that he//she isn't cheating. Go to YGO Wikia to check on the ruling if you don't believe me!!

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