Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SD19 - Dragunity Drive!!

The complete list is OUT!! And just as I expected (which I don't like at all...), Red Eyes Darkness Metal is not in it ...

While that means a HUGE climb in REDMD price here over at Malaysia, its safe to say that this is one deck you don't wanna miss.

Aside from the stupid reprints, this deck includes some of the Dragunities (aside from the syncro) and introduces Dragunity Arms to the game, and we all know how gay Laevateinn can be.

Useful reprints for beginners and those of us who have a lot of decks but lack in staples can also be very happy, as the 1st time in years, Mirror Force and Bottomless Traphole are included in a SD (well, for people who have only 1 deck ... TOO BAD!!).

Icarus Attack is also reprinted!! Nice timing as I sold all of mine and was planning to get some this weekend.

While useless to the current META, trap cards like Monster Relief//Release Monster, Arc's Selection//The Selection and of cause, Red Eyes Wyvern are being Reprinted. Which may be good in some way.

BF just got another side deck card that just became legal in Asian Format!!

Mist Valley Falcon is a very good surprise!! While I don't prefer it in the deck, there is no denial that it is a very good card!!

And how can one forget the TRUE GEM of this SD, Dragon's Canyon. An extremely powerful card in ANY dragon deck which acts as a permanent Foolish Burial AND a RoTA for Dragunity!! And did I mention how beautiful its art work is?

While I don't think Malaysia got this deck already, here is how I would build it when I get my hands on it. Hopefully, this weekend!!


monster (18):

3x Dragunity Arms Laevateinn
3x Dragunity Aklys
3x Dragunity Phalanx (NEED TO GET THIS!! ARGG!!)
1x Dragunity Arms Misteil
3x Dragunity Legionnair
3x Dragunity Dux
2x Light and Darkness Dragon

spell (12):

3x Dragon's Canyon
2x Monster Reincarnation
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Double Cyclone
1x Brain Control
1x Trade-In

trap (12):

3x Icarus Attack
2x Widespread Dud
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimension Prison
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Dark Bribe

I would like to inform you that, NO! I have never played Dragunity in my life and never played against one before. The deck list was something I've come up after browsing through the cards.

What I'm trying to do with the deck is to treat Double Cyclone as a mini Gemini Spark, as blowing up cards like : Dragunity Aklys and LaDD is going to be very good and helps you push for game!!

Finally! Anyone can hook me up with 3 Phalanx!? As I have almost no excess to DT!! I would need someone's help here!!


mike said...

throw in 3 red eyes dark metal dragon :D

red eyes ur fav card, kan?

own ppl with 3.

U da next kaiba lol.

Duelist#LGQ said...