Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nationals Scrub-port!!

As the title suggested!! I freaking scrub.

deck played : Flamvell Cats (the odds are highly against me, I know!!)

amount of players ... not that many really, around 160 I say?

Round 1 for me started at 12 pm, while part A people started 45 minutes earlier.

1st Match vs Jinzo Syncro/OTK

1 duel - I was like "Don't be Frog!! Don't be frog!! Please don't be frog!!". I attack his face down ... Treeborn Frog!! I swear my brain stop working for a few seconds. Then next turn I attack the face down, Mystic Tomato ... ah! I see!!

2nd duel - He misplayed badly (I don't think he realizes this thou). Using Future Fusion into 3 Jinzos while I have 2 face down monsters, Stardust? No, he syncs into Red Daemon with ZOmbie Carrier, BUT realizing his mistake, he sync for a Stardust with his Zombie. End up? Stardust kills Daemon!! Yeah!!


When they first release the pairings!! I got a bye!! I was freaking exciting and went to make fun of Team Abaranger because I have freaking good luck!!

Then, Paul was like ... no, we need to change the bye to another guy cause his situation is more qualified !? Da Fak!?


2nd match vs BF (why does it always have to be BF?)

1st duel - 2 Flamvell Magical, Spy and Decendent, MST and Snowman? Da Fak? But I topped deck Cat and rape his hand. Cold Wave FTW!!

2nd duel - Icarused my Concentrated Light and Arms Wing keep piercing my Flamvells.

3rd duel - Its at the point that he has 2 hands and I have 2. I summon Airbellum and attack directly, Vayu!? I set Trap Hole (while its almost useless...), he Arms Wing and set Icarus. DESTINY DRAW!! Mirror Force!! YES YES YES ... Icarus ...!! Oh ... Blizzard came out and he controlled from there.


Scrubbed in top 64 ... damn!!


OH NO!! Micheal is the winner and going to LA!! NOOO!! We can't have an Ojisan with the young people at LA can we? Pls!! Pass the ticket to Sung Lee at least!!

Just imagine Micheal with those other players... and taking a photo ... Malaysia's rep is a old man!! NOO!

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