Sunday, October 31, 2010

31/10/10 Tourney Report

deck use : E HERO Fusion

1st match vs Curan Lockdown Burn?

1st duel : Table 1!! I open first and summon Airman and get my Allius. Then I fuse Airman with an Ocean in my hand and set D Prison. He starts with a Magician's Valkyria and 3 back rows. Then he activates Hidden Spellcaster Village. At this point, my hand has a Allius, Miracle Fusion and Gemini Spark. I summon Rai-Oh and tried to attack, he flipped Gravity Bind. Next turn, he summons Kuran and 2 more back rows. I drew and summon Forestman to thin my deck for an Ocean. He slowly burns me and set more monsters and fill up all 11 of his slots. I finally drew into Ocean, summon it and ended. He ended and I took the damage, I summon Airman and he discard Effect Veiler. My life was running VERY low, to my last effort, I flipped Snowman Eater to destroy ZERO and go all out. He then Solemn's it.

2nd duel : I drew RaiOh and summon it and set a Warning. He summons Valkyria which I Warnings, and he sets 1 and activates Massager of Piece. I summon Ocean and keeping my Airman for next turn. He summons some spellcaster and activates the field. I summon Airman, took out his Massanger, and attack. Then he could only set monsters until I beat him up.

3rd duel : He starts with 4 backrow, a spell caster and Village. I can do nothing in responds as I have no monsters nor traps in my hand. Drew Airman next turn ... but he flipped Screen of Red ...



Never expected this deck coming. Nothing in my side works, really need to have a couple of Dust Tornados in here.

2nd match vs Gemini

1st duel : I start with Airman and gets Allius. He opens with Burden and have his Dark Valkyria attack me. I set Forestman and ended with a set D Prison. He summons the 1900 warrior and attacks into my wall. I grab Poly, summon ZERO and Allius, attacks with ZERO which he Karma-Cut me?(Why? I'm losing a monster and he loses 2 monster and a card at hand, Phoenix Gearfried). He then top decks Monster Reborn, and targets his Gearfried, attacks and I use Gemini Spark ... EPIC. Miracle Fusion next turn.

2nd duel : I sided in 2 Compulse and 2 CyDra, which I drew immediately. He starts with the exact same move. I Sp CyDra and he flips BTH for some reason (he has Burden...). I set Snowman and ended. He attacked into it then summon the 1900 warrior. I just stall out a few turns and then fuse into 2 Shining, and 2 ZERO with him a clear field. But he has Fader. He tops a Dark Hole, but I get Airman and Allius back to hand. I use the Gate to summon my last ZERO and Shining and go for game.



3rd match vs Machina Gadget

1st duel - he starts with ramming a DD Warrior Lady into my Stratos, I let it cause I have Parallel World in my hand. Then he sets 2 backrow in which he lost his Mirror Force to my MST. I summon RaiOH and got BTH (Perfect!!). He thens summons Gearframe gets a Fortress and ditch his gadget and fortress to summon it, attack for damage and equip GearFrame to Fortress. I summons Ocean and activates Super Poly into Gaia. Attacks and his in top deck mode and he pulled a Force out of his ass. I then summons Allius and Spark it drew Mirror Force and set. He drew Force AGAIN, but I have Mirror FORCE this time. I summons Forestman and Parallel to Shining for game ... BUT I miscalculated and he has 200 left. He pulled a Gadget and attacks my Forest ... MEH ...

2nd duel : He starts with 3 backrow and summons Gearframe, I Veiler it. I then summon Airman which he Veiler it, LOL! So, I ram Airman into Gearframe and set 3 to mimic his move but lost Solemn Judgment to MST at the end phase. He then tops a Fortress//Force and sends both for his Fortress which I have a BTH. I summon Allius which he tried to BTH but I have Spark. He thens Yugi'ed into Swords of Revealling Light. I set a card and ended. He tops Force AGAIN. I Top CyDra!! And Fortress Dragon dealed with his remaining life.



4th match vs Infernity

1st duel : He starts with ramming Archfiend into my Airman and sets 4 to the back. I MST a random 1 and hit his One-For-One. I set Snowman. His other Archfiend attacks into it. I set Forest and BTH. He summons Mirage, and sarc for his 2 Archfiend ... BTH!! He searches for Infernity Force and set it. I summons Allius which attacks and he used D Prison, I use Spark on his Force, but he chained it to destroy Forestman and I can't draw ...(I forgot)... He just set a few cards. Then I use Hurricane, which he chain 2 Forces to my Allius and ZERO, which I chained a Spark to his backrow and drew 1. I fuse into another ZERO, deal 2500 damage, Forest another 1000, his 1900 left I use Super Poly.

2nd duel : He starts with an Archfiend and a backrow. I summon Airman, grabs Allius and traded it off. Set Mirror Force//D Prison and his ended with Inferno, sending the remaining things into the grave. He sets all of his cards and summons Mirage, targeting his Archfiend and Necromancer, I chained a DD Crow to his Archfiend. His Necromancer came out and he summons his Beetle and 2 more. Sync into Catastor but was met with Mirror Force//D Prison. I summons Allius, he chains Torrential, but I had Spark and blew his last card away. He tops into a Necromancer, gets his Beetle, apparently doesn't syncs due to my facedown or something(BTH BTW, good call). I use Miracle into ZERO, get pass his monsters and attack for game.



the next 2 matches were crucial, win both and I'm in top8, lose 1 and I'm out.

5th match vs Lightsworn

1st duel : I started with 2 Super Poly in my hand. I don't have traps but I do have Airman. I grab Allius and traded the Airman with a Ryko. He sets another monster. I summon Allius but attacks into Dandelion!? He then summons Debris but I chain Super Poly into Tornado before Black Rose could blow my field. I lost it somehow but was able to pull Raioh next turn. He uses Foolish to get Wolf, which at that point, I must negate the sp summon. Then Judgment came out ... my next draw was Spark, but I have nothing left.

2nd duel : I started with 2 Warning and Airman. I grab Allius. He MSTs one Warning, set Ryko. I attack but lost the other. Summons Allius and sets something. He sets a monster. I set Snowman and attacks into Dandelion. He then Black Rose my field and did something. I Miracle into ZERO and beat his monster. He keeps on setting until I pulled Gate and fuse ZERO for another ZERO.

3rd duel : I started with DD Crow, Effect Veiler, Solemn Judgment, D Prison, BTH and Super Poly ... Sets the 3 activate able traps but lost Solemn to MST. He sets a monster. I drew no monsters. My D Prison got ryko'ed but BTH gets off something. His Jain beat me twice then I pulled Airman!! I summons Airman use Super Poly and ditch Allius I just grab for a Shining and Miracle Fusion into Tornado. Dealed with his remaining monsters//tokens. He summons Dandelion, his Already faced up somehow not dead Ryko and Glow Up Buld into Brionac. I have 2 fusion monsters but no back row, my life 2300!! He asked for priority and ditch his 2 remaining hands at once. I smirked and ditch Effect Veiler!! He was left with 2 tokens, a Brionac with no effect, no hands and no backrow. I drew into Reborn and holding Crow!! I attack his token and Brionac!! Ended!! He draws, I wanted to chain Crow to his draw, but I saw 5 different Lightsworns in there ... I was slightly ... NO!! VERY Scared!! He top deck Judgment Farking Dragon!!



Basically that just says : Your not going into the finals ...

6th match vs GB

1st duel : I wasn't in good mood. I wanted to set Snowman BUT set RaiOh in accident. He then activates Ancient Forest, flipping my RaiOH, which we were both surprised. He turn his Murmillo to defense. I summon Allius, he tries to BTH, but I use Spark on his Forest. RaiOh died to ... Mirror Force//D Prison. I set 1 (bait), he then flip his facedown Hoplomus, attacked and Bestiari jumped out, then Gyzarus for no real reason. I use Miracle for ZERO, attacks his Gyzarus. D Prison!! .. oh well. He draws and sets 2 to his back. I Reborns his Gyzarus and blew them off!! Then Airman searches for something and attacks. He surrenders after drawing.

2nd duel : I pull no monsters but 2 Gates, 2 Sparks and 2 Miracle Fusion ... What!? He starts and sets 1 and 3. I drew E Call which he Solemned!! Is he a psychic? He thens Test Tiger a GB for 2 more, the Heraklinos came out. I drew Super Poly ...

3rd duel : I drew Chivalry, BTH, Airman, Miracle, Spark and RaiOh. I was like ... your dead ... your dead. Sets Chivalry, BTH and Airman for Allius. He sets a monster and a few back. I summon Allius, which he Torrential and he lost a backrow(chariot) to Spark. He then summons a GB, directed and gets Equeste, targeting his Chariot but I have Chivalry (at this point he argued with me that we are already in main phase 2 and something on some champion told him that. I called the judge, Joshua, Paul, Michael and Fei Hung came and says : yes! You CAN!!). He bribes it and set his Chariot. I have a Miracle in hand with him having a GB and a facedown(chariot). I ZERO him and ended. He sets another monster. I summon Ocean and sets BTH. Attacks and deal some damage. He tops Proving Ground, gets Laquari but I BTH. He gave up.



ranking : 15. Zzz!!

Overall ... a bad bad day. And I have to take a bus home(which the driver decided to go get some petrol AND thinks its a good idea to have a smoke break there, seriously, that guy was smoking at a PETROL STATION!!)


Anonymous said...

What's a Curan deck and what's screen of red
-9045d the TCG player

Duelist#LGQ said...

burn deck with the magician. Screen of Red is a continuous trap that won't allow your opponent to attack but you need to pay 1000 at your end phase

~HappyLoo~ said...

Oh? Match 5 should be SporeLords. My brother plays that deck that day and I was wondering was he your opponent during that match?

Duelist#LGQ said...

i play against Lightlord with spore and dandy ... yes, its spore lord. Yr bro's LCW?

~HappyLoo~ said...

Oh? Its LCW, then no. If not mistaken LCW and my bro are the only SporeLords Player that day.