Monday, March 21, 2011

Another HERO Gate

I finish doing my revision early today so I took out my binder and look at cards for deck inspiration. And this caught my attention.

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card on the field. This card cannot declare an attack during the turn this effect is activated.

Being a card that was in my Premium packs when I was aiming for the M HEROs, this card stayed in my binder for 2 weeks without being look at.

While I know what this card does, I don't know what he can really pull out.

I thought for a while, what deck runs Pyro and Machine AND to top things off, fusion ...

Then it hit to me, its so obvious, E HERO.

For Pyro, we have Heat, and for machine, of cause, Cyber Dragon.

monster (15):

3 E HERO Neos Allius
2 E HERO Voltech
2 E HERO Heat
1 E HERO Ocean
1 E HERO IceEdge
1 E HERO Airman
3 Cyber Dragon
1 Snowman Eater
1 Morphing Jar

spell (18):

3 Fusion Gate
2 Terra Forming
3 E Emergency Call
3 Gemini Spark
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Future Fusion
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Giant Turnade

trap (5)

3 Chain Material
2 HERO Blast
2 Solemn Warning

extra (15):

3 E HERO The Shining
2 E HERO Nova Master
3 E HERO Absolute ZERO
1 E HERO The GREAT Tornado
1 E HERO Gaia
3 Blaze Fenix, the Bombardment Bird
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Strategy : When you open with Gate/Forming + Material + Turnade ... you win!

Set Material, let your opponent do some shit if he can't kill you and have no answer to Turnade ... Activate Material, play Turnade, activate Gate.

Remove 2 Neos for Shining, Jar + Airman for Gaia, 2 Voltech for Shining, IceEdge + Ocean for ZERO, set 3(if your remaining are spell/traps), CyDra + Heat for Fenix, deal, at least 2700, fuse Fenix and CyDra in deck for another Fenix, deal another 2700, and do it again for another 2700.

2700 + 2700 + 2700 = 8100!!

IF your opponent is not dead yet some how, fuse Fenix with Zero for Nova to clear his field. Fuse a Shining and another Fusion for Shining.

Just play it like your average HERO Gate if you don't pull this off.

Play 3 Pot of Dualities for speed + consistency, and 3 advance draw for speed!!


mike said...

Thumbs up for tthis build :D

Anonymous said...

You are very slow.

There was a few builds on Hero Gate OTK going around.

LGQ said...

sorry to be slow then. never look into material until last weekend.

since no one in the ocg is playing it.

BTMW_Anarchy said...

Heavy bomber phoenix HERO OTK did win a tournament but ppl don't some to play it because it is regarded as "mispolite"(IMO)

Anyway, interesting deck.

LGQ said...

really, never knew. haha

petqwe said...

A version is to run Elemental Hero Elixir and use the bomb infinitely many times.

LGQ said...

hmm, interesting, but won't it be inconsistent if the combo doesn't comes in?

Fizzy said...

You can FTK with this too if you use bubbleman/prisma and bubble illusion but it's too inconsistant imo.