Saturday, March 19, 2011

19/3/2011 Tourney Report

Team Arco invades Toysbar. Well, except a certain member.

Bought a Cardfight Vanguard TD (trial deck), its a fun game, and its less stressful in comparison to YGO. Well, the game is just starting, who knows.


Deck used : OCG sabers

1st match vs Lightlord - LCW (arco member)

1st duel - I use foolish to get Faultroll to the grave, bring it back with Regi, summon it cause I have a Fullhelm out. Bring back Airbellum, sync for Gottoms. Tribute Airbellum and Regi for 2 cards(his hand), destroy his Jain. Set E Call and end. He sets a monster. I use E Call to get Regi and Fullhelm, Faultroll came out, Emmers came back and Brionac for the game.

2nd duel - Start with no monsters aside from Faultroll, but I have foolish and Call of the Haunted. He flip his sangan and tunes it with Plague for Android. Attacks into my revived Emmers and got me another. He ends with a set which I MST/Dust Tornado. I ram into the android and got myself a Fullhelm, play E Call to bring them back. Sync for Gottoms and get rid of some of his hand and another E call for his hand. He pulls bad and scoops.

2nd match - BF -Yap

1st duel - Gottoms strip his hand after Hyunlei(which was gottom's material) nuke his field. But he pulls a Reborn which got him Gale, half Gottom's attack and Vayu for Silver Wind. Silver Wind and Gale got rid of Gottoms and Trooper, I draw into a hand of Faultroll and E Call, set the call and end. His both monsters attacked and I was left with 500. I top Regigura, took Faultroll, play E Call for Gottoms and Hyunlei and special the double Faultroll, sac the Regi in case of Kalut. His last card was Whirlwind. And I told him I would have lost that match as he hand Zephyros in his grave, but he forgot.

2nd duel - No sides as I have no idea what to side. I start with MST on his Delta Crow, set Pashuul. He summons Breeze and special Bora, and goes for Armor Master, but I hid behind Pashuul. I play Dark Hole, summons Airbellum, gets rid of a card and set 2. He sets a monster and ends. I summon Emmers, which he allowed (he has a set but that basically says its not Icarus to me, which was a wrong way to predict). Get Faultroll out and go for Hyunlei. Gottoms is summoned and I rid of his hand. He pulls reborn Again and half my Gottom's AGAIN, and Plays Vayu for Silver Wind AGAIN!!! But this time I have an E Call and a Mirror Force the back me up.

3rd match vs Six Samurai - Yap's Brother

1st duel - He has 2 Shi-Ens out and a Grandmaster with no sets and no hand. It was late game, my grave is full of cards. He cant get pass Pashuul. I draw, 5 hands, 5 monsters, 2 Faultroll. Summons Fullhelm, special a Faultroll, go for Brionac, special another Faultroll, Gattoms comes out, ditch a Regi to bounce Grandmaster. Get Regi back, Faultroll comes out. Sac the lizard for his hand. Brio + Pashuul to Stardust. Get another Fullhelm back for Gottoms. 2 Gottom + 1 Stardust + 1 Faultroll vs 2 Shi-En.

2nd duel - He opens with Gate and get Shi-En out. I set Emmers, 2 E Call and a Gozen. He use Dual Wielding to get rid of emmers and a set. He summons Kizan and attacks me. I set Kinetic, he summons Hand. Game.

3rd duel - I start with a Rat and a MST. He summons Shi-En and Grandmaster, attacks and I get Kinetic out. He sets 3 face down which I hit Judgment. I attack Shi-En, he plays prison. I set Kinetic and another face down. He attacks into it and set a card. I attack Shi-En and his GM dies for it. Set a monster which he plays dual weilding. Summons Mizuho and attack me directly. I summon Kinetic, he plays Warning, which I had a Judgment for it. Attack Shi-En and mizuho dies. He change Shi-En to defense and set a card. I pull my last Kinetic and attacks Shi-En, he plays Mirror Force. I set the Kinetic. He plays United, special Kizan and drew to 1 with United, which is another Kizan, attacks into my Kinetic, he screams! I drew and attacks Shi-En, his Kizan dies for it. Set Warning. He pulls a Signal and gets Mizuho, I warning it. His Kizan and Shi-En went into defense. I destroy his Kizan and set Emmers. He draws and attacks my emmers which got me Fullhelm, he sets and ended. I destroy Shi-En, Black Rose the field and Reborn the Shi-EN. He has no resource at all and he pulled Reborn.

4th match vs Six Samurai - Yun Kang aka Fish Tank (arco member)

1st duel - Honestly I forgot how I lost, as this match was too dull in comparison to the following 2. Next!

2nd duel - We both have 3 sets. I summon Regi with Fullhelm out, trying to get Faultroll, he plays Rivalry of Warlord. I kept the Regi to get Emmers back to hand. He flip his Kagemusha, summons Kageki, I play Gozen Match, we both roared!! And the crowd was laughing at this epic scene. It was basically stale mate until I pull MST and spam my hand out. Basically, it came down to who pulled removal 1st, and I did.

3rd duel - He sets 4 and ends, I set Kinetic and 3. He sets and ends. I set emmers. He flips and go for Shi-En, but did not attack. I ended. He plays RoTA for Yaichi(yes, yaichi) and get rid of my set. I didn't do anything. He attacks into Emmers and I get Fullhelm. I still did not do anything. His Shi-En gets rid of Fullhelm and I ended. He then finally attacks into Kinetic. I draw into Kinetic no.2. Attack his Shi-En and he plays a prison. I set the Kinetic. He attacks into it again. I start rampaging his field and his left with Shi-En. I set Rat. He attacks the rat and the 3rd Kinetic came out. His running low in life and cards, but he did 1 unexpected move, reborn my Rat to kill my soldier. The game was stalled again. But he decided to go all out, summons Kageki and Kagemusha, summons Kizan which I BTH. He thens syncs for Chain Dragon as he has no has left. He attacks, I play Mirror Force and he offered a hand shake.

so, 4 - 0, against a TB full of META decks.

Ranking 1st.

Conclusion : I need to work on my side, as I found out only my side for Samurai works.


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