Saturday, March 26, 2011

26/3/2011 Tourney Report

At Toysbar once again, this time, Team Arco's SST joins the fray!! The invasion has began, and Brian's group join in as well.

Lam finally got some one willing to pay for his Samurai deck.

Tired now, so lets cut the crap!

deck used : OCG Sabers

match 1 vs Criss - Dragunity (Brian's)

1st duel - I start with MST and Dust Tornado. I blew the Ravine off when he ditch a card. Then he plays another Ravine, which I got rid of again. Then I proceed to win from the pluses.

2nd duel - He starts off with a Phalanx into Stardust play and set 2. I play MST on Ravine which he tributed Stardust for. I play Reborn on the Dragon and summons Airbellum, he flips a Torrential, which I let it off since I have no way of dealing with Stardust. He then keep on repeating the Aklys combo and finally finish me off with Vaju.

3rd duel - I start with no monsters at all, and I play Foolish for Emmers, set 4, including Call. He plays MST, hitting the Call, set a few, and ended. I drew into Trooper, ditch 3 and attack for 1900. Then he sets Volcanic Shell, and another one and another one. Finally, he was at 2300 when he torrential my field and I have 3 cards left in deck. He played Reborn on my Hyunlei and attack into an E Call, which got me Fullhelm and Regigura, he sets his last card in hand, which I had a Tornado for it. Proceed with Faultroll and won.

This was the only time I saw Dragunity without any monsters for more than 8 turns ...

2 -1

2nd duel vs Arco's Boon - Machina Gadget

1st duel - He got me cornered, I have no hands, no field and 2600 life, while he had 2 Fotress in hand, and a gadget on the field, and a facedown. I draw into Pashuul, set it. He attacked into it, plays Duality, hoping to get Smashing, but reveals another Duality, Reaper and a gearframe, he took the gearframe. I draw into Judgment and set. Life is at 1600 now, he ends. I draw into E Call, and set it. He plays another Duality, which didn't show him a Smashing again, and ended. My life was 600, this was do or die. I draw, Faultroll!! Play E Call to get me Regi and Fullhelm. I end up with a field of Gottoms, Scrap Dragon and 3 Faultroll vs his 2 Gadgets and a Fortress.

2nd duel - I hid behind Giant Rat as his Gadgets can't get pass. He summons Gearframe and got through. I flip Area B, summons Fullhelm, he tried to play Trap Hole, but I flip Trap Stun. I play Foolish to get a 2nd Fullhelm into the grave, attacked his gadgets and gearframe into a field of 3 Fullhelm and an emmers. Sync for Hyunlei for his backrow and Gottoms for his hand.

2 - 0

3rd match vs Brian - Six Samurai

1st duel - He got Shi-En 1st turn. I tried to wear it down, but its not happpening. Lost this one.

2nd duel - I started with no Samurai hate but he started very very bad, Kageki into Kizan, then Grandmaster, while I had Emmers set and E Call at the back, Faultroll in hand.

3rd duel - He started with Shi-En, and get Kizan out. I set Rat, and 3 facedowns. His Grandmaster then came out and attack the Rat, which he played Warning on. His 2 monsters scored directs. I then drew Kinetic and set it. He attacked into me. I finish the duel off when he attacked my 3rd Kinetic and had Kizan attacked by it. He has Hand in hand, but I had 2 Gozen Match set so Shi-En can't negate it.

2 - 1

4th match vs Arco's Fishtank - Siz Samurai

This was stupid as last week, we both faced off in what I like to call the finals, and here we do it again.

1st duel - He starts of with a Shi-En play. Yaichi slowly got rid of all my resources and I can't fight back.

2nd duel - He sided in Acid Rain against my Kinetics. But luckily, I manage to get his hand count down before he can get the Gateway. Airbellum then continued to direct for win.

3rd duel - He started with 2 United and 2 Signals, getting Shi-En and Kizan out, draw 4 cards and 3 back rows. I have Rat set and a few back rows. His monster killed my Rat, Kinetic got out, but he had Acid Rain. When a second Kinetic got turned into Fotress Dragon when he tributed Kageki for CyDra. I was in a pinch.

I gambled on 1 move, I tried to play Book of Moon, so Shi-En would negate it, the Turnade hits the field. Summons the last Kinetic and Reborn CyDra to get rid of Shi-En and Fortress. I tune the CyDra with Pashuul for black rose. He played Dark Hole next.

Duel was back to square 1, but when I flipped Judgment to his Warning to have Regi get emmers back. He then hit me hard with Grandmaster, dropping my life to mimic his 1650. He then had 3 sets, when I summoned Hyunlei, he chained BTH and Dust Tornado to strip me of my field. Emmers helped me stall for a turn, and when I got the 2nd Hyunlei out, he did not have any options to it and lost 3 back rows and Grandmaster, I set E Call. He set a monster, which I turn my monsters into Catastor and clear his 2 set monsters(which are Kagemushas). He sets a monster, but Hyunlei and Catastor got through.

2 - 1

result : 4 - 0

ranking : 1st

Prize : 3 TPs, which I pulled crap, but my mate Brian gave me the Parallel rare Saber he pulled cause he wants to return the gratitude of me helping him get a Sam deck for a reasonable price and selling him Thor for cheap.

Thats it for today, VERY VERY tired!! Hopes SW returns from renovation soon, as I am itching for a tourney over there!!

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