Saturday, March 12, 2011

Really? Did that Quake really got into their minds?

This is Sephiron (click on it).

First of all, having 10 or more monsters in the grave is a joke of a summoning condition for a 4000 beatstick.

Special Summon a lv8 or above Fairy and its effect negated but becomes another 4000 beatstick.

People are thinking Krystia I guess, but I immediately think Darklord Zerato.

Dude, its effect is negated man, its just another 4000 beats.

And getting 10 monsters in the grave is "balanced" as it takes a few turns to set up.

Bullshit, anyone who tells me that had never faced TeleDAD.

I'm saying the old fashion stuff here, Dark Grepher, Armageddon Knight, D HERO Malicious, Dark Creator and Dark Armed Dragon.

With Chaos Sorcerer at 3, you can even add Lyla into the mix and have more backrow clearing ability.

Even if he didn't get his effect off, a free 4000 beats is no joke, no bloody joke.

3 Trade-In and some old fashion DAD return cards will be doing great.

Playing this with Merchant, and you get an extremely annoying boss card.

But thats just my point of view.

And today being a sad sad day, sabers lost to samurai ... I decided, for the Asian qualy, I'm using Junk Doppel WITH or Without Formula Syncron.


Iceman Hotty said...

LGQ, your brilliance is showing. ^__^

Allan Assiduity said...

Trap Stun your opponent before summoning Sephiron and it's minion.

Against a clear monster, that's good game. And you've not used your Normal Summon yet, so you can clear the field with your other monsters if you want to.