Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Bullshit Way to End a Used-to-be-good Show

So, 5D's final boss fight was over, its now heading for the final duel (like Yugi vs Yugi, Judai vs Yugi) which has no fate of the world at stake, just plain old dueling.

So, its Yusei VS Jack. Good, lets hope the King will win the final duel, although we all know thats not happening.

1 thing I wanna say about 151 is, ITS BULLSHIT!

1. Quaser did nothing more than summoning Shooting Star, sure it take out 5 JikaiShins, but so what? With all those epic syncro moments, you expect it to do better.

2. Z-one has a tree ... not just any tree, if you watch FMA or Eva. This will be a WTF moment.

3. The final boss Jikaishin is Sephiroth ... Lol? And for a boss monster with an overpowerful effect, it sure doesn't do much, and it doesn't look like a boss too.

4. Stardust Dragon = Cloud Strife ? Anyone notice he just did a Omni Slash version of Shooting Sonic on Sephiroth?

5. The trap card Clustering Wishes looks like some Stardust Orica.

6. Z-one is apparently a good guy. WOW! Totally didn't saw this coming, awesome plot twist Yoshida... you dick...

7. Paradox cameo x3. I know the movie is on encore, but this is ridiculous.

Next episode is 2 weeks later due to sports as I heard.

Time skip...

Tonight!! Aki totally went to Thailand or Korea. Yusei wears a coat, and Jack is still Jack.

Crow is now a cop!? Seriously, the guy has more markers on his face than anyone else shown, and he can be a cop for what? Saving the world? Maybe he'll guard the vault, so no one can steal anything from it, cause he knows how they will do it?

They didn't show the twins, apparently thats to make us wonder how long the time skip is gonna be. They're like what? 11? Teenagers = 5~6 years, on bikes = + few years? Something like that.

Yusei is totally gonna name his son BRUNO. I'm about 135% positive.

Thats it for this Fuck'ed up review!!


BTMW_Anarchy said...


I just laughed so hard dude

Yusei going to KOREA?XD

Anonymous said...

still there is something weird

Why didn't ZONE activate speed world 2 effect so he could draw one card maybe a card that tells yusei that everything he has is useless

still no sense