Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just another Sin World deck.

I got the chance to play with Khye's Sin deck the other day and seeing he post his build on his blog, Neo TriACE. I wanna make some changes to the deck if I were to play it.

Note that the deck list is based on MY play style and has nothing to do with his deck building skills (which are top notch BTW). For one, I don't like defense and cards that acts as backup plans (DDR and Return in his deck).

The biggest problem of the Sin monsters lies on 2 of their Negative effects. The one where they are SUPER dependent on their field spell and for the fact that only 1 of them can be on the field. While having extremely high attacks and super easy to summon, winning with them can sometimes be a chore.

From the other day, I won with Dark Armed more than using the Sin monsters.

monster (16):

3 Sin Cyber End Dragon
3 Sin Stardust Dragon
3 Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon
2 Sin Truth Dragon
2 Sin Parallel Gear
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Blue Eyes White Dragon

spell (19):

3 Sin World
3 Terra Forming
3 Trade In
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Prohibition
1 Dark Hole
1 Dark Core
1 Allure of Darkness

trap (5):

2 Skill Drain
2 Trap Stun
1 Solemn Judgment

Now then, let me explain about the deck a little.

First of, instead of 3 copies of Dualitys, I run 3 Upstart, mainly because I can't afford Duality. AND I wanna Special summon that turn. With 3 SIn Worlds and 3 Terra Forming, 3 Upstart turns the deck into a 37 card deck effectively, so, chances of you opening with 1 of those are high. While it gives your opponent an extra thousand, with 4 to 5000 beatsticks on the field, it doesn't really matter.

Prohibition is here cause MST and Dust Tornado can really screw you up. And you can always name cards like D Prison or Battle Fader if you wanna go for game (not Mirror Force cause Sin Truth is more than enough to save your ass). Of cause, prior knowledge and cafeful reading on your opponent is the key to play this card right.

Only 2 Blue Eyes with 3 Sins? Cause you most of the time would either discard Sin Blue Eyes for Trade-In or Sync it into Paradox Dragon. For most of the time, Sin Blue Eyes isn't the Sin you wanna summon, but since his a 3000 beats, its still good to have and he has a lot of synergy with the deck.

Dark Core? Its a normal spell that lets you remove a monster from play by ditching a hand if you can't recall the card. Why is this card here? Cause cards like Colossal Fighter and stuff will stall you out. You can also remove from play face downs, so this card will be of use if you wanna go for game. Why not Nobleman or Smashing Ground? While lacking a cost, those have specific targets, and this can't be negated by Stardust and kills Nova and Shooting Star as well. Since you WILL have tons of hand if you play the deck right, I don't see a problem running this card as a tech.

My favorite tech of all time : Skill Drain. I think I have a Skill Drain Fetish as I like this card in my deck a lot. Since none of the Sin has out standing effects (As compared to their Negative ones), this card takes care of it and your opponent's monsters as well, letting you push for game. Combine this, Trap Stun with Dark Armed and you have a OTK coming in. Thats what Trap Stun is for and it also stops Dust Tornado and other pesky traps (with Book of Moon at 1, this is good).

While this deck is tournament legal (aside from Truth), I wouldn't really recommend it unless your super good or something. Its not an easy deck to play and without good side decking skills and ability to read your opponent, you are most probably gonna die trying to deal even 100 damage.

I might have 2 Starlight Roads in the side since BF and Lightlords aren't and they have 1 card solutions to you. You could also run Gozen Match against Samurai and stuff since you ARE all darks. A 3rd Skill Drain in case they side in Consecrated Light or when you are playing a deck with high monster count. DD Crows or Crevice to handle graveyard oriented decks. And Summon Limit at 3 to stop syncro spamming, since you can only have 1 Sin out at a time.

While Sin Paradox Dragon is an awesome beatstick that has an awesome effect while easily summon, its not that good of a card. So, don't hesitate to ditch your Sin Blue Eyes or set Gear without a back up.

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