Sunday, March 13, 2011

BF and Six Sam

Yesterday at Toysbar, I underestimated these 2 AGAIN, and get a beating hard.

Well, I didn't duel a BF but from the looks of my side deck, my Sabers won't stand a chance (unless I go Faultroll Loop 1st turn). Thus, I've decided NOT to play the deck at April's Asian Qualifiers.

When I faced Samurai at my final round of swiss, I did not have my 3 copies of Gozen Match with me any where in my deck or side. Those 3 mained was the sole reason my sabers took out Samurai every match last format. But seeing the Gateway going to 1, made me took 3 of them out in favor of Trap Stun, which was basically useless, as I switch them out for Dust Tornado every match.

Made a deadly mistake when going against Samurai, I summoned a monster, THEN play Puppet Plant, which lead to a huge minus as my opponent plays the new samurai trap. Should have attacked first then summon my Fullhelm.

Thus, I'm modding my side deck for mostly Grave BF and Samurai match ups, and of cause 3 copies of Light Imprisoning Mirrors for random Lightlord and Agent match ups. Karakuri is another card I really NEED to be prepared for.

But, aside from running Cyber Dragons, I really have no clue how to take on the deck. Maybe play Summon Limit, but that would effect my Sabers as well. Not sure what I wanna do with it now, but there is still time before the damn tourney. Either make a new deck or further testing.

Finally got my hands on Mask Change and the M HEROs.

And the results?

I actually took out a copy of Gemini Spark to play this card. Seriously, its very very good. Better than what I have estimated.

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