Friday, March 11, 2011

ZeXal's Voiced preview!!

So, we finally know what Tsukumo Yuma sounds like ...

If I were to simply put it ... Judai 2.0 like many others said.

But, I kinda prefer him to sound like Judai, cause he is the Judai to Yusei's Yugi. And the whole school thing has the GX feel in it too.

Hopes on the series!!

I know the series has ghosts or something like that, but I rather the franchise took the Cardfight! Vanguard road and focus on Tournaments.

Not bullshits like saving the world with card games, AGAIN.

Its the main character, with 100 over episodes, a hell load of tourneys, the Bloody World Championship. Thats what us YGO players are more interested in anyways.

And I wanna see him loose more, not like the 3 proto-assholes before him, who doesn't really lose. I mean, Yugi lost once, against Rapheal (if I did not recall wrong), excluding those bullshit losses(against himself ... he won too... so ... draw?). Judai lost 3 times, in 180 episodes... Yusei ... the asshole NEVER really loss(side from the flashback, but that wasn't important).

Thats it for the day...

Oh yeah, GenkiDama in 5D's 151 too, forgot bout that. That and Yusei's SUper Saiyan mode in 150, explains why there are scouters in zeXal.

They can go like, Aporia : Hey Z-one, what does the scouter says about its power levels!!

Z-one : ITS ... 23000 ...


Anonymous said...

Yusei actually lost a duel outside a flashback. First time against Kiryu.

LGQ said...

ya, bike failure ... technically a technical lost