Sunday, March 6, 2011

BF is Still GOOD

I'm not talking bout Graveyard BF here (well, I do accept that its one of the top deck currently), but yesterday, I dueled a standard BF, and its still doing VERY well.

I'm not sure what he did to his deck, but I did not see Kalut or Shura AT ALL. BUT, I did saw a Mistral, so I guess Shura is in the deck.

So, my class ended extremely early yesterday, after hanging out with my school friends, I went to Toysbar to pass some stuff to a local.

Ending up joining a tourney as there were 8 players there I guess. (In anywhere aside from GA, that amount can already be leading to a tourney).

While generally, I don't post tourney reports from Toysbar, but I'll make this an exception.

1st match : VS Crowser - E HERO

1st duel : I started with an Airman play to get Allius setting up for the Spark in my hand, setting MST and Mirror Force. He starts with Future Fusion, I let it go, then play Polymerization using Neos and Ocean to form Zero, using Miracle to get a Shining out and attack, of cause I play Mirror and get rid of the field, losing Airman due to Zero. He gets this material back, and MST his facedown at the end of the turn.

I attack with Alius and set a Warning. He use Emergency Call on Airman, but I negated its summon. Spark his Future at the end of the turn. I drew into Miracle, play it for Shining and summon Thunder King, and basically won from there.

2nd duel : I open with a Snowman, 3 Miracles, a BTH and a Super Poly. He starts with Airman, getting Allius, setting a few sets. I set the Snowman and 2 facedowns. His Allius is summoned, and attack me with Airman, losing Allius and 100 life to Snowman. The duel was at a stall for a few turns cause I can't pull any monsters and him setting facedowns. Then he finally use Poly to fuse the Ocean and Necroshade in hand for Zero, then summoning Neos. He attacks with Zero, but Super Poly sync his monsters into my own Zero. He played Dark Hole to clear the field and Miracle for a Zero, ending his turn.

I have 3 Miracle, a Poly and a Super Poly to spam, and I finally drew into E Call.

2 - 0

2nd match : VS Yap - Dragunity

I have advantage in this match up since I have dragunity fetish and always fantasize playing the deck. AKA I know this decks weakness quite clearly.

Before the match, he asked me to swap decks as he doesn't want to duel my E HERO, since its just a normal tourney, why not, so I played my Sabers which I just completed modding the night before.

1st duel : I won the dice and started. I have a Rat facedown and a Dust Tornado. He started with Canyon, ditching a card which I chain Tornado to it, causing a +1 for me. He sets a monster and a facedown. I set Emmers and another Tornado which he MSTed at the end of the turn. He sets a facedown in each zone, I passed, he set another. I drew Faultroll, flips Emmers, he flips Trap Hole. I set my Pashuul. He plays another Canyon, sending Aklys to the grave for a Legion, summoning it to the field and removing it for Laevathin. Which hit my Rat and got me a Fullhelm. I flip Pashuul, special Faultroll, bring back Emmers, go for Hyunlei, blew his Mirror and Canyon, Reborn and go for Gottoms, get rid of his monsters and sac my Sabers for his hand.

I had no monsters the following turn but so does he.

2nd duel : I open Fullhelm, 2 E Call, Warning, Judgment and Foolish. I summon the monster, and set all the facedowns (hoping to pull a saber next turn). He uses a Giant Turnade, which I allowed (cause I don't recall a Dragunity OTK possible when I have Fullhelm). He uses Canyon to search for Legion, using its effect equips Aklys, before he activates his effect, I reminded him that I only have a Fullhelm on field, if he uses that effect, his gonna lose his Canyon. So, he decided not to activate the effect and set a face down instead. I drew into Emmers and sync into Hyunlei to get rid of the Canyon and the facedown and attacked Legion, setting the 4 cards again.

He sets another facedown and summons another Legion which I Warning'ed. I drew into Regigura, Foolish Faultroll, summoning the lizard to get it back and Special summon it to the field. Play the E Call to get a Gottoms with Hyunlei, ditching his hand by sacking Regi, get the tuner back, play E call to have Hyunlei clear his back row and attack for game.

2 - 0, a hollow victory cause I know his deck thanks to my friend Bryan and him not knowing my deck that well.

3rd match vs Yap (the brother of my opponent from last round) - BF

1st duel : I won the dice and started with a RaiOh, a MST and a BTH. He sets a face down and a monster which I chain MST towards at the end of the turn. Pretty much 1 sided as he pulled bad I think, I won with Alius + Airman direct attack for 3700 then playing Super Poly for a Tornado dealing an extra 2800.

2nd duel : I did not side since I was leading (which was a mistake), I summon Heat to the field and have a facedown bottomless, attacking his Vayu. He summons Sirocco, I tried to BTH it, but you guessed it, he plays Icarus. Then, he summons Arms Wing with Vayu, dealing 2300 damage to me. I drew into Mirror Force, set it together with Ocean, which he played Delta Crow at the end of the turn. He summons Mistral, Special a Bora and get a Arms Wing with effect. Attacks for a lot of damage. I pull Airman, searches for Ocean, plays Gate, he chained his 2nd Icarus to get rid of both. I have less than 2300 and a lone Allius in hand. Totally 1 sided.

3rd duel : Finally I sided. I start the duel and pulled 2 Oceans, 3 Miracle and a MST ... Lol!! Set the Ocean and the MST. He summons Bora and get his piercing off, set 2 facedowns which I hit a Warning at teh end of the turn. Drew into Gemini Spark ... Sets Ocean, Plays Miracle, into a Zero, he plays Bottomless and cleared the field. I summons another Bora, drop Gale, sync for a Armor Master, drop a DAD and deal 5300 to me. Sets a facedown. I drew into Mirror Force. Which I really had lost anyway since DAD had 3 Bullets, but set all 3 anyway just in case he missed. I played Icarus in the end phase hitting my trap card, so it wasn't much of a gamble.

1 - 2.

Placing got 2nd, but it was okay, since I didn't lost to some random deck. And seeing a completed BF and a Dragunity here means that the overall dueling standards here at TB has increased.

From the ANCIENT TP I got, I pulled 2 Ojama tokens (Black and Green), which was good as I lack tokens anyway. I don't know why the others are laughing at me for getting tokens when they got cards like Sigmorg, Bird of Divinity (PR) and Harpie's Pet Dragon (ok, maybe thats a valid reason).

Around 5pm, Fei Hung's gang + Wei Yann showed up, Crowser challenged the Master to a duel. The Master was running a Skill Drain based deck with Light Hero Beat elements he enjoyed so much of. The Crow was running a very very mixed HERO deck, with Light Beat elements but also Rainbow Dragon for the big Neos, apparently, Fusion Sages instead of King of the Swamps.

To much surprise, the underdog won when Fei Hung made a very very stupid mistake, playing D Prison to ZERO, when its attacking his Barboros under Skill Drain. Seriously, who does that ?

Tried a few packs of STOR since Alex (the shop owner) had not restock the EXVC yet. Got a Thor, an Atomic and a Spirit from 4 packs, which was okay I guess.

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