Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chain Material

I always know this card was good, but being a trap really was a put down for me. But a few days ago, I saw this post on Team Rose Bud, and decided to give the card a try.

It's amazing, at least in here.

I don't get it off often, but the times I do, it does its work.

monster (15):

2 E HERO Neos
3 E HERO Voltech
3 E HERO Neos Allius
2 E HERO Prisma
1 E HERO Airman
2 Rainbow Dragon
2 King of the Swamps

spell (20):

3 Fusion Gate
2 Terra Forming
1 Polymerization
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Parallel World Fusion
3 Gemini Spark
3 E Emergency Call
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn

trap (5):

2 Chain Material
3 HERO Blast

extra (15):

3 E HERO The Shining
3 E HERO Absolute ZERO
2 E HERO Neos Knight
1 E HERO The Great Tornado
2 Rainbow Neos
1 E HERO Gaia
1 E HERO Nova Master
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Surging Dragon Knight Draco-Equites

You might see no reason running Prisma, but his there to dump Neos (well, thats his only target...) for Blast.

Why King of the Swamps when your running Gates? As ZERO material, trust me, Ocean or Snowman can be dead in here, and since some times I wanna go for hand fusion + Miracle for the win.

I originally didn't have Allius + Spark in here, but try it out a few minutes ago, it works good, especially against decks that play Oppression and such.

A start I like very much is : get Allius out 1st and set Spark. Get rid of the monster by end phase. Fuse for Rainbow and get rid of the back row by sacking Gate. Summon Voltech, attack for 5500, Voltech's effect kicks in and summons Neos and deal the last 2500 damage.

But with Bottomless and Warnings running around, this may not be exactly easy.

Chain Material + Gate is awesome as always, but Chain Material + Gate + Rainbow Neos is a game winning move.

More testing shall be done, but this is what the deck looks like at the moment.

For the side, I have 3 Skill Drains, the 3rd Rainbow and 3 Sins for ALL OUT Beatdown.


Anonymous said...

I tried the deck out on my PSP and came across a problem, Chain Material won't let you attack the turn you use its effect, so attacking for 5500 damage is out of the question, you are just better off summoning a bunch of e-hero shinings, letting them die at the end due to Chain Material's effect (another setback) and profit off of the monsters you get back to your hand.

LGQ said...

no, chain material is there to set up big plays. summon ZERO and Rainbow from deck, clear the back row 1st, use gate to summon shining with those 2, and clear all the monsters.

then, the next turn I can go all out.

Chow said...

How is the Spark engine working for you? I've always been reluctant to incorporate it because it would be one less HERO I would have in my hand to fuse with Fusion Gate but I guess it wouldn't matter that much because of Hero Blast (which also seems to contradict Fusion Gate and Miracle Fusion) and Shining. Can I get your thoughts? Is the engine ever a dead draw for you?

Anonymous said...

Lol, actually, that was what I meant to say, its a cool concept and I will certainly try it out myself at my local, now to hun down rainbow dragons and rainbow neos...

LGQ said...

hmm, i rarely pull spark cause the heros are just searching each other out.

most of the time, it does it's job