Thursday, May 5, 2011

TG Hyper Librarian

Its the new Dark Dive Bomber.

We are aware of this since it came out (end of last year I think), but his getting a bit out of hands.

I've not look into this card(or any other promo) for the last few months, partly due to my studies, and mostly due to the fact that we were too busy preparing for Asian and soon, Worlds.

But since Shooting Quaser was printed, this dude, basically gone crazy.

From a magazine card that we bought for RM15, we expected it to reach the 30s, hence, Lam bought 11 copies. But no, it kept rising. From what I heard, this card can be sold for RM80, thats more than 5 times it's cost. Normally, I would sell the copies I'm holding off to gain this massive profit before it drops in price, but this time, I'm not even thinking of it. Thats just how good this card is.

Over the few days of not writing any blog post, I look around for some decklist and videos concerning the deck, and came to conclusion that, any deck that could do 5 and 2 syncros, is gonna own.

While it alone has not made that much of an impact over here at Malaysia like the broken cards of the past did, I imagine it has something to do with it being a promo.

Seriously, this card is SOOOO getting hit by the September banned list, limited to 1, says I.


On a side note, I was busy yesterday night and this morning taking out my Koaki Meiru deck from the bottom of my YGO drawer (ya, I still play this deck), cause my next paper would be on Monday, which left me not in the mood for books the whole of yesterday.

Koaki Meiru Urknight is broke now. Well, not to the fact that its competitive, but its a LOT better than it used to be. Why? Inverse Roach and Aspiring Emperor Hope.

What it used to do was summoning another 2000 beat to hit your opponent hard, but that meant you would have to maintain both, which was a chore. Now? Summoning another 2000 beats, hit your opponent hard and overlay them to exceed summon Inverse Roach, which locks your opponent up while not wasting your hand.

As simple and basic this seems, it adds a lot of synergy to the as I play tested it against imaginary opponent no.1 a few moments ago. But still got kicked in the ass, the face and every part you can think of by Junk Doppel aka Librarian Whore.

But, the deck is FAR from complete as its still heavily unbalanced and I need some good traps in here.

Thats it for now, going back to study mode!!


Anonymous said...

FINALLY..I thought I was the only one that knew of Urnight's brokenness. Also when you combine Roach, Iron Core Luster, and Koa'ki Meiru Guardian, it makes things MUCH more interesting...

LGQ said...

Luster is good at the moment and I would LOVE to hit those backrow off Keepers after they hit me with Tribute.

FireThunder said...

Your comparison to Dark Strike Fighter couldn't be more apt. I wouldn't be surprised to see Librarian get banhammered in September...

petqwe said...

I am playing in a format FULL OF TG - Hyper Librarian. What I can tell is that, Junk Doppel does not need Librarian to win. The win condition is Formula Synchron.

So if Formula Synchron is banned, I do not see too much urgency to ban or limit Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian.

LGQ said...

but banning Formula Syncron means no more Shooting Star syncro summoning, konami won't do that, they will limit it maybe, but banned, not really.

librarian is an easier target to hit.