Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sold my Librarian!!

Despite what I wrote in the previous post, I sold my Formula, my Librarians (both of them) and Ghost rare Shooting Star. And using that money, I funded my 3 copies of Duality, which isn't such a bad deal on my part.

Well, why did I do that?

Librarian and Formula are obvious targets for the banned list in September. And with EXP4 coming out around the same time, Sabers WILL get a power boost (AKA reaching TCG standards), and for reasons unknown to man, Pot of Duality will increase in price yet again, unless if its reprinted or so. But who cares, I get mine in a "trade", I don't care if the price drops, I spent $0(of my own) on them.

Met up with Team Arco this afternoon and did some dueling. Koaki Meiru with Hope!! Still sucks.

I dueled Fishtank in his E HERO build, despite nothing went wrong on my part, I lost 5 rounds out of 5. Hope got attacked, got bounced, got destroyed and got Super Poly'ed.

But on the other hand, my Rainbow-Neos-Fenix-Burn-Chain-Material hybrid deck is doing great. I actually got Cyber End out, but it got MST'ed (Future Fusion).

Yeah, my final exams are over but I have internship starting 2 weeks later, damn ... So, I'll be enjoying my short sem break, so expect only bout 2 to 3 post next week. Also, this could be due to Pokemon BW is freakin' awesome!

Wish I can go to Gamers this weekend and play the Worlds Qualifier. But knowing my parents, most probably not. But What ever!


Anonymous said...

Do you wi-fi battle for Pokemon Black and White? We should play sometimes lol

Should have dropped the Librarian, Formulas, and Shooting Star ghost during June-July, not during May imo

LGQ said...

well, since there are no non-official tourneys for the coming months, the deck may just lay to waste there. And I dont want the next set to mess up my market.

I just downloaded the game on emulator this monday, and I dont really know how the wifi works.

Anonymous said...

I would be shocked if they didn't ban Librarian... I'll admit it's too broken and I run a T.g. deck.