Monday, May 30, 2011

Super Polymerization

Last Saturday, I noticed a lot people are hyping bout this card mainly due to the fact that Esclidao is coming out this weekend.

So, with THE Dark HERO, Super Polymerization can turn anything into something along with a HERO.

Its not negate-able, which makes it better, and Quaser lost its timing for summoning Shooting. Shi-En will Cry and so will ALL other monsters.

Making this the single MOST powerful spell in the game ... NOT!!

You might be surprise hearing this from me, but, I'm hear to say this. Super Polymerization was never a great card, and it will never be.

Here are some facts, you may or may not agree with me, but I say this be "quite" true.

1. Card Advantage. Maintaining card advantage is how we usually win games, aside from a few decks, all the other decks win by gaining more advantage and depleting your opponent's resources (OTK decks skip the second step).

Super Polymerization (SP for Short) doesn't gain you advantage. First of all, SP is almost always a minus 1. 1 card from your hand, SP, a HERO. Getting rid of your opponent's monsters, and getting you a bigger HERO. The only time where you make this at least a 1 for 1, is when you get rid of a Syncro, an Exceed or when you are in a HERO mirror match.

True, getting rid of your opponent's card at the right time is good, but thats about the only reason people play this card. And even with Esclidao out, that won't change. Lets say your going against Samurai, he has Shi-En out and attacks you, you play SP, get yourself Esclidao, Great? Not quite, as your opponent has tons of backrow, and when your opponent has Shi-En out, chances are that he had draw some cards with United or Gateway.

What other dark decks are out there? BF ... That just makes even less sense. Junk Doppel? Well, SP already kill the deck now, Esclidao is just icing on the cake.

What I'm trying to say is HEROs never need SP to win games for them. Its a powerful asset, but it will never be their main weapon.

2. The META game. This is important. I'm sorry but it is. More and more decks set 4 at once, HEROs are no different. But HEROs generates pluses, so we have SP to utilize those pluses. But running too many SP will kill you. From my experience, you will mostly only play 1 SP per duel, and that'll be enough for game, drawing 2 or 3 is just bad. And since HEROs run Pot of Duality, why bother running 3 SPs?


Anonymous said... is Escuridão =X
Reading Esclidao makes me feel yeah, next time, Escuridão! =D

BTMW_Anarchy said...

True. The number of SP in HERO decks (which is 1) never changes even though the dark hero comes out.

It just that people might start teching in DD Crows, Breakers or Doomcaliburs and see if it's better than not teching them.

Anonymous said...

The only thing this dark hero does is make Spirit Reaper not lonely in the grave by himself when you use Miracle Fusion.

I like how this card is one of the best outs to Shi En though tbh even with DEST at 3.

LifeRage said...

Can't agree with you more than those idiots that keep on saying " Heroes can main deck 3 SP now !!" and what's more, some of the sellers took advantage of this and raise the price of SP to almost 100 a piece. o.O

LGQ said...

this is only half what I wrote, I have no clue what happen to the other half. But expect me to post it sometime this week.

Valafar123 said...

Let the bandwagoners kill themselves, I need more win fodder at tournaments. I feel sorry for those Dragunity guys.